Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Badass Geek "How To" Tutorial, Part Four

STEP TEN: Completion

Congratulations! You have arrived at the final step of the Badass Geek training program. There is no task for this step, short of taking a moment to revel in your own glory for attaining the lofty designation of an Official Badass Geek. You should feel very good about yourself for having accomplished something in your life, and for once you can prove to your family that you followed through with something from start to finish.

As proof of all your hard work, a personalized "Certificate of Completion" is available. Also, as an official Badass Geek, you are now a member of the Badass Geek Brotherhood

Again, congratulations on completion of this course. It not only proves your dedication, but that you have way too much free time and possibly are in need of a decent hobby.


Now that I'm done with the BAG training program entries, I'll try to think of some other shit to write about. Bear with me, I need to restore my creativity.


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