Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Which I Make My 50th Post

With the words I write in here today, I will have reached a milestone.

This is my fiftieth entry.

I realize that my blog is still relatively young, but I'm proud of the fact that after writing fifty different entries, there are still people coming by to read. That means that either I haven't bored anyone to death yet, or you people have too much free time. At any rate, I'm glad to have those who read and comment, and to those who read and don't comment, I'm glad to have you, too, but I'd like you more if you did comment. I ask you politely to de-lurk.

Being my fiftieth post, I thought it might be neat to compile a list of quotes from each entry. After gathering a few quotes, I realized that it involved a little bit too much work than I wanted to commit to for just one entry. I then came up with the idea to post a list of 50 things I've learned about blogging since I've started writing here. I've learned a lot, so I figured I'd share that with you.

  1. Originality in writing is more difficult to achieve than I thought.
  2. It is hard to write anything when you write out of obligation.
  3. What you might think is funny, might not be funny to someone else.
  4. What you might think is not funny, might be hilarious to someone else.
  5. Retaining anonymity when writing about yourself can be tricky.
  6. Relationships can be made, and broken, by a single comment.
  7. Entries about farting are pure gold.
  8. People love to read entries riddled with swear words.
  9. One comment can change my day around completely.
  10. A clever title or catch-phrase does not make a blog more or less popular.
  11. Commenting on other blogs is essential to gain more readers.
  12. A response to a comment you left from the writer of a popular blog is very empowering.
  13. Google Reader is a godsend.
  14. Twitter is not all that useful, yet I use it anyways.
  15. I spend more time proofreading my entries here than I did on any paper I wrote in college.
  16. Anonymous comments are kind of creepy.
  17. I can suffer from writers block for a few days, and then in one day have enough things happen to have blogging material for a week.
  18. It ultimately doesn't matter what you write about. Just write.
  19. The advertisements provided by Google AdSense can be ridiculous.
  20. I will never put ads on my blog.
  21. I'm no longer embarrassed to say "I'm going to blog about this later."
  22. Creating mastheads or banners is more fun than it should be.
  23. I don't like blogging about my daily events.
  24. I'm constantly afraid of being a boring writer.
  25. I greatly respect lots of people I've never met in person, but know through blogging.
  26. I love Google Analytics more than I know how to say.
  27. Selecting an original nickname for my wife was incredibly hard.
  28. Being funny isn't about making jokes.
  29. People can tell when you're lying.
  30. Writing about a struggle or problem can be therapeutic.
  31. Coming up with 50 things I've learned about blogging is harder than I thought.
  32. People can be judgemental of what is written on a blog.
  33. There are some really close-minded people who have nothing better to do than criticize complete strangers for their choices and lifestyles.
  34. There is a fine line between being open, and sharing too much.
  35. Writing about your job can be dangerous.
  36. I worry about offending people, yet
  37. I don't believe in censoring one's writing.
  38. I believe in being tasteful and tactful.
  39. Sharing memories is a way to connect with others on a whole different level.
  40. One doesn't have to have a complex and fancy-looking blog for it to be popular.
  41. The rules that I follow for my blog don't necessarily apply to others.
  42. The stories I've read from mommy/daddy blogger's don't make me want a child any more or less. It just confirms the fact that I'm not ready to be a father.
  43. I refuse to let any relative popularity affect me.
  44. I am wrong for ever idolizing any blogger's success.
  45. Individuality and honesty is key.
  46. I'm not as good of a speller as I thought.
  47. If I put half as much effort into my college education as I put into this blog, I would have my degree by now.
  48. All of my grammar teachers in high school were wrong.
  49. A reality check is always one click away.
  50. I never thought blogging would be this rewarding.

There you have it. Fifty things I've learned since I've started blogging. I know there are other things that I've learned other than what is listed here, but I'm too exhausted from thinking that much to type anything else.

Thank you, my readers, for staying with me through these first wobbling baby steps. I appreciate your constant support and comments, and I'll try not to let you down. For those who lurk around these pages, I urge you to comment on this entry. If you've been hiding around long enough, you know I don't bite.

I'll be writing about my experience with Boy Scouts next... Stay tuned.


Employee No. 3699 said...

Kudos to you. I'm not really sure what 'kudos' are, but they sound really swell! I've only got 29 posts under my belt to date.

Great list! I can definitely relate. Keep up the great work!


Sus said...

Very insightful, my friend. This may be one of my favorite posts of yours.

Lil Sass said...

Wait, wait, waitaminute! This is in reference to your twitter note on the left actually (I rarely log in). YOU'RE MARRIED?? Wait, aren't you 23 and you just moved out of your parents house recently? You're MARRIED??? WHHUUUUU???

Badass Geek said...

Employee No. 3699: "Kudo's", in addition to being another term for "Congratulations", is also a candy/granola bar found in certain grocery stores. And thanks!

Sus: Thats probably the nicest thing I've been called in a while.

Lil Sass: Allow me to explain. I am almost 23, yes. I moved out of my parents house in 2004. My wife and I have been married for two years. Sorry for the confusion... but does it make sense now?

Forever In School said...

Happy 50'th post!
I still haven't found a good nickname for my husband to use in my blog. It's harder that I thought. said...

Congrats!!! Hey, why no ads?

Daddy Files said...

You're posting about the Boy Scouts next? I hope this story doesn't end with "And that's when my Pack leader crawled into the tent..."

Happy 50th and here's hoping the next 50 are just as entertaining.

Badass Geek said...

FIS: Thanks! Nicknames can be tough... You want something funny but also not offensive.

SWAX: I don't want any ads because I value the fact that all content on my blog (short of comments) is 100% created by me. I don't want ads for Viagra or Midol floating around.

Daddy Files: It didn't happen to me, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened to other kids in my Pack. Stay tuned...

attiton said...

OK. Given that you are begging for comments, I have a few. I'm with you re: ads. You are, indeed, very young. I was married at 24. I'm much older than that now. I wonder if the guy you almost fought with used the term "fatty" with you because he knew it was going to get under his skin in *precisely* the same way you knew which word would get him back. My favorite post so far was the one about the "stupid things you've done since Monday." I really, really laughed.

attiton said...

Sorry, correction: "...used the term "fatty" with you because he knew it was going to get under YOUR skin..."

Aunt Becky said...

I laugh because you're right. And I could never have come up with such a list (altho I've done that 6 things about me meme about 47236 times AND have a 100 things about me page. Guess I'm an egoist).

Can you add something I've learned since I'll never compile such a list?

Sometimes people will comment just to get traffic to their own site. Then they will be mad if you don't comment religiously on their site even though they don't comment on yours.

It's awesome.

Mr Pineapples said...



More like:soft wooly coated arse.

And that 50 bollocks?

What blog did you nick that off?

Sus said...

Only 23!! How in the hell did I miss that little nugget. Why does that make me like you even more?

My god, I am so old.

moonspun said...

Badass...can I just ad that ONLY a geek would know it is his 50th blog? (Unless blogger has a count or something. Since my site is not blogger, I know not what tools there are). Plus I am a geek in the fact that I don't know diddly about the mechanics of my site, that's what my administrator is for..(love him!)
But I digress...I loved your 50 things. I am right there with the integrity and honesty piece. You are a joy to read everyday and I feel geeky when I get excited by seeing a new post of yours!

Badass Geek said...

Attiton: I didn't think I was begging for comments, but I do appreciate yours.

Aunt Becky: Just wait until I make my "50 Things I've Learned" post into a meme. You'll be the first one I tag.

Mr Pineapple: Thanks for the compliments about my ass. You've made me blush. And I came up with the "50 Things" list all on my own, thank you very much.

Sus: You're only as old as you feel. And if it makes you feel any better/worse, I'm technically only 22... I turn 23 in September.

Moonspun: Blogger counts the entries I've written... But even if it didn't, I'd still probably know. Just like I know where in the USA I get the most hits from each day.

A.C. said...

Awesome :) I really related to everything you wrote...and I feel the same way about blogging.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get you on my blogroll...I'll do that right now.

Heather said...

LOL I remember seeing my 50th and then my 100th roll by. And that's after only actively writing for about 9-ish months and deleting a lot of old shit. I sometimes even FORGET some of the things I've blogged about.

Lola said...

Dude, can you go on my blog and tell me how many posts I've written? I know you can, Big Guy. What the hell is Google Analytics, and what exactly does Google Reader do for you?

Oh, and somehow I missed the fact that I have T-shirts older than you. I feel like such a perv for having the discussions you and I get into. WTF!!

Lastly, I want ads for Viagra, Midol and, better yet, tampons. I could have a blast making fun of that ad nauseum.

Badass Geek said...

AC: Thanks! No worries about the blogroll... I'm just glad to have you as a reader :)

Heather: I find myself writing about things I've already blogged about, and get pissed when I have to start over. And I'm only at 50!

Lola: When you go to your Blogger dashboard, click "Manage Posts" and it will tell you how many you've written. Google Reader is a feed reader (lets me know when blogs update), and Google Analytics is a webpage statistic program that is more awesome than it sounds. Check it out.

Aub said...

Congrats dude. That's a pretty damn good list too.

Badass Geek said...

Aub: Thanks, man. I think it might be the best list I've ever made. Except maybe for my "10 Songs That I Can't Help But Sing Along With In The Car" list.

Heather said...

As for tattoos, dude that's a personal choice, don't ask for suggestions. I might have to tell you if you loved me you'd get a spongebob tattoo. And then what would you do?

Mr Pineapples said...

Hey Heather

No problem - most folks cant remember a damn thing you blogged about either.

Thanks (on behalf of most folks) for deleting all the shit - but....but....but...

what's left?

Oh Me-Gawd!

Mr Pineapples said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Badass Geek said...

Heather: I know tattoo's are a personal choice. Sadly, a Spongebob tattoo is never going on my skin. I might do a temporary tattoo of it to profess my love, if you wanted.

Mr Pineapples: If you feel it is your job to insult others, please find a different place to do so. It is not welcome here.

moonspun said...

Mr. Pineapples,
If you are trying to be funny, it's not working. What's the point of being insulting?

Mr Pineapples said...

But Baddarse....why so badly are an American right?


thought so...I like you Americans...well some of you at least

No problem with that; but a jolly ole blog like yours cant be expected to be "nice" all the time.

Now can it.

But you are very nice....keep up the niceness wont you

What the world needs now is "niceness"

Mr Pineapples said...

Hey Moon-socks

Thanks for the advice..Mr P is working on a few more jokes...funny ones the next time.

Keep up the good work

Badass Geek said...

Mr Pineapples: I am only upset because you have made statements that were offensive. If the statements you've made here were an attempt at humor, I suggest you make that more evident next time.

I'm asking you politely, and if you cannot comply with this, please refrain from commenting here.

Mr Pineapples said...

Oh Me Gawd.....I am laughing my rocks off....totally off....what a prissy little mare you are turning out to be.

Prissy I say.

Dont aske me politelye

Tell me to Bugger off - ya big baby

Badass Geek said...

Mr Pineapples: Fine. I figured that out of decency that I owed you at least a few attempts at politeness. Since that hasn't yet worked its way through your thick neanderthal-esque skull, let me spell it out for you in terms you might understand...

Fuck off.

Learn to speak (and write) PROPER ENGLISH, not the twisted, non-educated form of it that you leave lying around.

I am done dealing with your immaturity and petty comments. You are no longer welcome to comment here. Any further comments will be deleted, and I will report you if it continues.

Fuck off, I say.

Heather said...

LMAO at the retard.

Badass Geek said...

Heather: How mature of him, right?

Way to be childish, Mr Pinapples.

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