Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Which I'm Excited

I casually mentioned something on Twitter a little while ago, and realized that it deserved further explanation. Before I get to the explanation, I need to preface it with a pre-explanation.

I am something of an amateur photographer. It is nothing that I do full-time, mostly just as a hobby when I can. I've done a few weddings for friends, but I prefer to do what I call "art" photography.... Landscapes, waterfalls, sunsets, etc. I haven't done much with my portfolio, although I did recently try selling greeting cards and things like that in a local store. I didn't mention my photography hobby before, mostly because I'm trying to keep certain parts of my life separate from my blog (to keep family members from finding me here). It also isn't an all-too active part of my life, but what happened today definitely deserves mentioning.

Earlier this afternoon, I was contacted by the Art Department at a Warner Brothers television production company. They said that they are filming a new television series called "Fringe", and the set designer was searching for art to include on a set. They were originally searching for a painter with a name similar to mine, and accidentally came by my photography website instead. After browsing through the gallery of photos I have taken in Maine, they decided they liked my work better, and asked to purchase some of my photos for use on their set.

Holy shit, people.


I was completely blown away by this. It took me a good two hours to calm down, but I managed to pull it together enough to speak with a couple of people in the Art Department at WB, to understand what they were looking for and to come to an agreement.

What I know right now is this:
  • They have selected three of my photographs.
  • They are going to use them on the set that is for the main character's apartment, to tie in with the character's back story.
  • They are paying me for rights to use them on set for the duration of the show, and will be express-mailing a check to me by Saturday.
  • I will FedEx them one 8X10 print of each picture by Tuesday morning of next week.

I'm not getting rich overnight from this, by any means. I'm sure I could have haggled my way into a bigger check, but I didn't want to risk losing the deal. The money I will be getting will be a nice reward for my work in photography, and damn fine way to end the week.

So. Let's re-cap.

Big television network + Small-town amateur photographer + Three Photographs = $$$

Fate, how I LOVE thee!


Lola said...

In which I'm excited for you!!! You go, Badass. I couldn't be prouder if you were my own geek child!!

Aunt Becky said...

That's sweet ass in tha mornin'!

moonspun said...

NICE!!!!! Good job, Badass...that's great! Like lola, I am super proud of you!
PS...I don't get what twitter is...

Lola said...

See, I'm not the only one who doesn't get what Twitter is.

Strickly Southern said...

Oh, my gosh. I am so jealous and sooo impressed. That is absolutely fantastic. Just goes to show that wonderful things happen when you least expect it. Congrats!!

Lil Sass said...

SHUT.YOUR.FACE!!!! BTW, didn't I post about my totally dice coffee table book I made? I'm gonna publish it and I suggest you look into it. Once you make a copy - you can publish it, set the price and you get 100% of the proceeds. I looove it!!!

Man, I am SUPER excited for you!!!!!

Daddy files said...

Damn! Good for you, that's pretty unbelievable. It doesn't matter how much they pay you, I'd brag about it no matter what!

Badass Geek said...

Lola: In Which I Say Thank You!

Aunt Becky: Agreed!

Moonspun: Thanks! I'll try to explain Twitter in a post going up tomorrow.

Strickly Southern: It still doesn't seem real to me. I guess when I have the check in hand I'll finally grasp everything.

Lil Sass: I've actually used Blurb before... It is pretty damn sweet. And my face is shut now. Thanks for telling me it was open.

Daddy Files: I'm pretty sure I'll be bragging about this all the way to the bank.

Heather said...

SO AWESOME!!!! And now I am totally going to have to watch that show and be a big drooly fan over it and defend it no matter how crappy it is just to I can tell peeps I know the guy who took them there photos!!!

sus said...

That is fucking fantastic!! I am very stoked for you. Congratulations!

Forever In School said...

Hey, Congratulations! That's great news. So, you haven't upset the fate after all, ha?!

Can you post a photo for us to see. I promise not to try to find who you are!!

Badass Geek said...

Heather: The preview of the show actually looks pretty awesome... I wish I had cable TV now.

Sus: Thanks! I woke up today thinking it didn't actually happen.

FIS: I guess Fate must have read my entry about Her, and felt bad. I'm trying to figure out a way to get a webpage set up with my pics... Stay tuned!

Miss Grace said...

So this happened in the midst of my BlogHer crazy factory and I totally DID NOT GET THE MEMO until your post today. But that is EXTREMELY awesome.

Badass Geek said...

Miss Grace: Blogher can be a major timesuck. Thanks!

Nej said...

Holy cow!! How cool is this!?!?! :-)

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