Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In Which I Need To Get Some Sun

I haven't had much opportunity to spend a lot of time outside this summer. I've been working a lot, and the weather hasn't really been cooperating in this region of the country. Because of this, I am not nearly as tan as I would normally be at this point in the summer. Let me describe it in more detail:
  • I am so incredibly pale and white that I'm pretty sure I glow in the dark.
  • My left arm, from my elbow down, is the most tan, from driving with my arm hanging out the window.
  • When I am naked, it looks like I am wearing an incredibly detailed and life-like pale white t-shirt and shorts.
  • I've recently found out that its illegal for me to take my shirt off outside on a sunny day without first notifying the FAA, to warn of potential blinding of airline pilots from intense sunlight reflection off of my back.
  • I have both a sock and a sandal tan.

I am taking a vacation during the first part of September, so I hope to be able to get some more color then. I would like to go camping, but if not, at least spend enough time out of the house so I can stop feeling like a hermit.

Does anyone else feel like they haven't done something they've wanted to do this summer?


Sus said...

I wanted to get a nice tan, myself. But with being pregnant, all I do is burn to a crisp. Which, in all honesty, is what would happen it just happens twice as fast.

Moonspun said...

Ohmigod! The FAA line is pricless!
I wanted to ride my bike to work more. But I was blessed with a great vacation and time in the sun. In fact I have a tan for the first time in years!

Miss Grace said...

At least you tan at all. I get a burn that fades back to white and then burns again and again and again. It's priceless.

Meg said...

I've given up on being tan. I wanted to go camping this summer but I dont see it happening.

enthalpymama said...

Many years ago, I discovered that my "tan" (what there is of it) appears as spots. Most people call them freckles. They look really cute when you are three. My only strategy was to move to Japan. Pale is worshipped there. It worked well for me. I remember being there in high school and having someone tell me how beautifully pale I was, and, oh, such a lovely "high" nose . . . yep, pale with a big nose! I'll assure you that was the look I was going for in high school.

I'll have to think if there was something else I wanted to do this summer. Hmm.

A.C. said...

Knowing where you are in the US, I can say that I've been suffering the same weather patterns...lots 'o' rain and little sun. We're pretty close, state-wise.

I wanted to have a good summer. It's been pretty crummy...AJ's been depressed since April, EC died, the weather stinks. Still, I feel like I made some big ol' leaps and bounds when it comes to gettin to know myself.

Badass Geek said...

Sus: Gotta love the changes that come with pregnancy, eh?

Moonspun: I'm looking forward to my vacation like a kid looks forward to Christmas.

Miss Grace: I never used to tan. Until just recently, I would burn and peel. It was awesome.

Meg: I hope to go camping for at least a few nights. I've only camped out for one night thus far.

Enthalpy Mama: Pale is beautiful in its own way.

Badass Geek said...

AC: It has been an up-and-down summer for me, too. Life has a way of throwing us for a loop.

scatterbrain said...

My husband used to wear a wet suit, and afterwards he appeared to be wearing brown mittens - such a good look!

Great that you're planning a vacation - but we'll miss you loads.

Cape Cod Gal said...

I lay out naked and for some reason, my stomach will not tan. I also have an excellent line across my thighs from my golf skirt. Incredibly sexy when paired with my sock lines.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I totally feel like I'm still waiting for summer to start. I really haven't done anything...I think I have a future.

Badass Geek said...

Scatterbrain: I bet he enjoyed his brown mittens... That would be hilarious to see!

Cape Cod Gal: Tanning naked? Golf skirt? Sock lines? Rowr.

Employee No 3699: I've done almost nothing this summer, too. It kinda sucks.

Daddy Files said...

Are you kidding? I haven't been able to do ANYTHING I usually do because of this damn newborn! Normally I would've been to 6 or so Red Sox games and a couple of camping trips. But due to our situation we're chained to the house. It's starting to grate on me a little, so thanks for pointing it out!

Heather said...

Sun exposure = cancer.

Forever In School said...

I don't get tan and I really don't want to. I am fine with my skin color, which is pretty pale!

But I do feel that I haven't had that much fun this summer. It passed so fast. School is about 10 days away and I am not ready yet! said...

I haven't taken a good vacation. I can't believe it's almost over...Hey, ever thought about self-tanner? You should try it and see if anyone notices.

Lola said...

Well, I burn, peel, freckle, and my freckles are starting to join together so that I look kind of tan.

I haven't really gotten to enjoy my yard that I busted my ass in the spring to make pretty for summer, because it has rained 90 percent of the time here, too. Hoping for a lazy September in my hammock!

Glad you're back, man. Blogging is just no fun without you!

Badass Geek said...

Daddy Files: See you in 18 years, buddy!

Heather: Lack of sun exposure = transparent skin.

FIS: I'm not so concerned about my lack of tan, its my lack of time spent outdoors that I'm upset about. I'm looking forward to Fall, though.

SWAX: I think self-tanning is a little too "metrosexual" for me.

Lola: I'm hoping September is nice, too. That month holds both my vacation and my birthday. And I'm glad to be back. =)

Heather said...

What day is your birthday!!

Badass Geek said...

Heather: I'll never tell!.... Except I'll tell you all about it in a couple of days.

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