Thursday, August 7, 2008

In Which I Provide Answers

In my post yesterday, I asked you, my readers, to pose any questions you had for me. Since all questions, save for rhetorical ones, need answers, I'll provide some answers today. For the sake of organization, I'll answer them in the order that they were asked.


Employee No 3699 asks: How did you and The Boss Meet?
The Boss and I met at college, during our sophomore year. We were introduced by a mutual friend during lunch one day. I started picking on her (in a fun, non-mean way), and she threw some playful insults back at me. This continued for a few months, and we finally started hanging out just the two of us. After a few nights of watching movies, hot chocolate, and hand holding, we were boyfriend/girlfriend. I won her over by being endearing and cute. For example, I asked "Can I see your hand for a moment?", and then grasped it with mine. "Just wanted to see how well it fit with mine... It fits perfect." That was 3.5 years ago, and she still thinks I'm cute.

Lil Sass asks: Any food in the world that you find totally and utterly disgusting?
Due to the number of foods that I hate, I could quite possibly be the world's pickiest eater. However, if I had to pick one food that I hate more than anything else, it would be onions. I have never liked them, and never will. If I bite into something that has onions, the second I bite into it, that crunchy wet sensation sends my gag reflex running wild. Close behind my hatred of onions are peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, cauliflower, mayonnaise, sour cream, ricotta cheese... The list goes on. Needless to say, I'm not a "try something new at a restaurant" kind of guy.

Aub asks: Have you always been a writer, artist, etc?
To answer your question simply, no, but I've always been a creative person. When I was a kid, I wanted so badly to be a good artist. As much as I tried, I could never draw what I envisioned in my mind. Writing is something that I never thought I was good at, probably because I never enjoyed it while in school. There were always too many rules to follow, and I didn't like feeling restricted. These days, the only writing that I do is for my blog. I wrote some wedding vows for a friend a few months back, but other than that, my blog is the sole outlet for my creative expression. I have a hard time expressing myself verbally (due to my neurological problems), so this is a great thing for me. I've touched on the idea of writing a book or a short story, but I think everyone who writes has at least once.

Miss Grace asks: What's your favorite holiday?
As much as I enjoy just about every holiday (except for Easter), I enjoy Thanksgiving the most. It is really the only time of year that I can see all of my family, and the kick-ass food is pretty awesome, too. On a more serious note, I have long-standing memories of watching the Macy's parade and having breakfast with my parents and sisters on Thanksgiving morning. Those are some of the best memories I have of my life in general.

Meg asks: Where is your favorite place to be?
No matter where it is, I am the most at peace when I am camping. I do have a favorite spot, but I am not picky so long as it is not overrun by yelling kids. I love every part about camping, even the parts that aren't so glamorous. I camped a lot with my family growing up, so I have lots of memories of campfires and s'mores, bug bites and sunburns, and fishing with my Dad.

Aunt Becky asks: What's the best thing you've learned since starting to blog?
The best thing that I've learned since I started my blog is that expressing originality through writing is much harder than I previously thought. Anyone can write something funny, sad or emotional. Anyone can start a blog and write about how they think and feel, but without originality, thousands of voices can all seem the same. I've tried to write in a way that is unique to me, but I don't feel like I have a "style" that makes me stand out from others. I'm trying to find a niche that will make me stand out, in a good way, and it is much harder that I thought.

Sus asks: If you could play scrabble, over coffee, with any literary figure, who would it be?
Hands down, without question, it would be Stephen King. I could rave about how much I love his writing until I'm blue in the face, but I won't. Suffice it to say that any writer that can explain an emotion or describe a setting in such clarity and originality, without ever repeating himself from book to book, such as Stephen King does, deserves all the credit he can get.

Moonspun asks: Do you believe in God or a higher being? What's your favorite season?
I was raised as a Baptist Christian, but I stopped going to church or "practising" any religion when I turned 17. I saw too much hypocrisy within the church, and needed to check things out on my own for a while. I do believe that there is a higher being, because there is too much in this world that couldn't "just happen". As for my favorite season, my heart belongs to Fall. I love the cooler air, the changing colors and falling of leaves... I wish it could be fall year 'round.

AC asks: Have you ever read Mary Oliver's poetry?
No, I have not, actually. I did a quick search and read "Wild Geese", which was very soothing. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm heading out to the library this afternoon to see what I can find of hers.

Heather asks: What is your favorite non-blog website(s) to hang out at when you aren't blogging/reading blogs? What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
When I'm not blogging or reading other blogs, I generally hang out on eBay, Craigslist, or Cockeyed. If you don't know what eBay or Craigslist is, crawl out from under that rock and beat yourself with it. is a great site, where this guy does home science experiments, builds awesome Halloween costumes, and is generally pretty funny. I'd check it out if I were you. As far as my favorite ice cream flavor, anything with chocolate and peanut butter is fine. There is a local grocery store in town that makes their own ice cream, and I think I am single-handedly supporting them.

Lola asks: What's your favorite exercise? What music is getting you through?
I enjoy walking or biking the most. Everything else seems too mundane and boring for me. I've been listening to a lot of classical music, as it is the most soothing to me. I focus on one instrument and follow the flow of the part through the duration of the song. Specifically, Mozart's "Requiem" and Gustav Holst's "First Suite in E Flat" have been lifesavers for me. Quite the switch from my normal venues of Metallica or Disturbed, eh?

Enthalpymama asks: What do you do (or have you done) of which you are most proud?
I would say that I am the most proud of my photography. While I have other hobbies, like writing or music composition, I am the least critical of my talents behind a camera. Plus, with my recent experience with selling some of my pictures to Warner Brothers, it gave me a much-needed extra boost of confidence. While I am proud of my writing, both here and with my music, I am super critical of myself and thus less likely to "show it off" to others.

Forever In School asks: What is your opinion on having kids? Do you see yourself being a father one day? How many kids do you want to have?
These are some tough questions, and questions I'm sure The Boss would like to know the answer to as well. I don't want to get into the politics of bearing children, because that is not something I want to talk about here. I do see myself having kids and being a father, but only when I feel I am ready to be a father. There is too much going on in my life with The Boss, such as my medical problems, and the financial struggles we have, that I would feel irresponsible bringing a child into the world. If it happens "accidentally", we would have the child and appreciate it greatly. When the time comes, though, I would like to have one boy and one girl.

Scatterbrain asks: Why can’t I think of a question?
I'm not sure really, since I can't get inside of your head. I have the same problem from time to time, and I normally think of the right thing to say or ask hours after the situation demands it. No worries, though.

Daddy Files asks: (Since you have) lived in Maine your whole life and would you ever consider living anywhere else?
I have lived in Maine my entire life, and I love it here, despite the 6-month winters and soggy summers (at least this year). I would consider living elsewhere, but my choice would strictly be climate-related. I am a sweaty beast, so I would pick a region of the country that has low humidity, and where the temperature doesn't vary too greatly. From what I've heard, that would probably be Southern California. Other than that, I wouldn't mind living in Virginia, near the Richmond area. I spent some time down there last summer and it was beautiful. I would probably never stray that far from Maine, though. There are too many things I love about living here.


This was a much more daunting task than I thought it would be. I had a good time writing this post, but I didn't think it would take me most of the day to write it. Thanks for the great questions!


Miss Grace said...

We're a pesky bunch. Thanks for answering!

Aunt Becky said...

You deserve a medal, my friend. Why? I've frequently opened up my blog to questions. They're still there somewhere, waiting to be answered.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Had to go check out I read a few of his pranks, pretty funny stuff. I'll definitely check that site out again.

Thanks for answering our questions 'cause inquiring minds want to know...

Heather said...

Hope the exercise was therapeutic for you at least. Is there a question you thought would get asked and wasn't?

Badass Geek said...

Miss Grace: Nah, you're not pesky. My little sister, now SHE'S pesky.

Aunt Becky: I'd like a medal. Nothing too flashy, though.

Employee No 3699: Rob at Cockeyed is a funny guy, though he hasn't done much recently. Guess he is busy or something.

Heather: I thought I was going to be asked more personal (ie. dirty) questions, but the ones I was asked were very appropriate.

Heather said...

Dang, I knew I should have asked something dirty....

Jess said...

The first book that I read that actually left me awestruck was Christine. My parents said I had nightmares the night that I finished it but the only thing that I remember was being amazed at the story. There is not a single book that Mr. King has penned that I have not devoured. Right there with you man.

Forever In School said...

That was fun. I probably asked the hardest questions. I won! I won! (Just kidding)

Thanks for answering.

Lola said...

You mean you would have answered dirty, rotten questions? Damn! Will you answer some tomorrow?

Good job, man. That seemed like a lot of work. I like classical sometimes, too, believe it or not. When I'm stressed, I like to scream to some heavy stuff, though. Screaming is so calming.

scatterbrain said...

I'm so nosy I enjoyed finding out all these facts about you -well done for answering them all so quickly.

Classical music does it for me too - lifts me up and helps me get all the emotions out.

Badass Geek said...

Heather: I suppose I could do a Round Two of questions... =)

Jess: I haven't read "Christine" yet, but it is on my list of must-reads.

FIS: Your questions were the most difficult to answer, because it made me really think about the topic first.

Lola: Ask your dirty questions to your heart's content. I'll post a "Round Two" entry later on.

Scatterbrain: Some people get bored by classical music, not giving it a chance. There is a simple purity to it that cuts through all the noise of life.

Moonspun said...

Wow! What an interesting post. I be it took you a long time do it, but it was totally awesome to see the variety of questions and your answers. You are a good man to answer them all.
I am with you on Stephen King. I read my first book back in 1980 (yes, I know before you were born! :-) and he captivated me. I have to admit I am not up on any of his new stuff as he got harder to read when I became a parent. But the emotions in his books are incredible. The Stand is my favorite book of all time. I've lost track of how many times I've read it.

Badass Geek said...

Moonspun: I am reading "The Stand" right now. I'm only about 1/4 into it, but it is amazing.

Moonspun said...

Is it the first time you've read it?! Do you have the 1200 page version??

Badass Geek said...

Moonspun: This is the first time I've read it. I'm not entirely new to Stephen King, but I started reading his books about a year ago. "The Stand" came highly recommended. I have the expanded and "un-cut" version, not the original version. There is probably about 1200 pages, and the print is very, very small.

Moonspun said...

You are reading the right one, then! When it first came out when I first read it, he was still a new author and they made him cut it down to 850 pages. It wasn't the same.
If you want to have an offline dicussion while you are reading it, feel freet to e-mail me! You might inspire me to re-read it!

A.C. said...

Oh, I love Stephen King, too. I read almost all of his books before I even got to high mother had them all on her bookshelf and I fell in love with his writing!

And The Stand is AMAZING!

Have you ever read his book "On Writing"?

Thanks for answering my question. Wild Geese is my favorite poem. You don't have to be good...

Moonspun said...

a.c. We read the mary oliver poem, The Journey, at our wedding. I have been meaning to read more of her stuff.
I've read "On Writing" that's a great one, too!

Badass Geek said...

Moonspun: I'm still in the "developing plot" stages of the book, but I'll let you know!

AC: I have "On Writing" waiting for me once I finish "The Stand". =)

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