Thursday, October 30, 2008

In Which I Am In Paradise

Something occured to me the other day, after trudging wearily upstairs at the new apartment to change, shortly after carrying in yet another heavily-laden storage bin. It became clear to me that there was a purpose to working hard to finish moving, something more than just knowing that eventually I'd be done.

I realized that once I was done moving, I'd officially be living in a place that offers views like this from my bedroom window:

Amazing, isn't it? This is what I will see every morning upon waking up.

Here is a sample of what the rest of the new apartment looks like:

These pictures were taken during the summer, when I originally had looked at the apartment when there was someone else living there. As nice as the place is, the rent was too pricey. After a couple of months, the owners couldn't find new tenants so they lowered the price. As you can see, there is a huge stone fireplace with a woodstove, a spiral staircase, two huge screen porches, and we're right on a lake.

Talk about motivation to finish things up, eh?


scatterbrain said...

Okay! When's the house-warming party? Can I come and house-sit when you're away? Do you want to do a house-swap? You could come here to England and have a lovely view of traffic going past your bedroom window.

It looks amazing Bag. I'm so happy for you and The Boss living somewhere great...and Liam.

Thanks for showing the pictures. It all helps to make the blogging experience better when you can picture the people and where they're situated. Doesn't mean I'll be posting any more pictures of myself anytime soon though.

Moonspun said...

Wow!!!! What a gorgeous place. SO worth moving to! And you work from home? Lucky bastard. I know your job sucks, but to do it and look
Enjoy all that.

Posh Totty said...

Wow its lovely :o) xx

Employee No. 3699 said...

A fireplace and a view, I'm jealous. I'm glad you're finally able to enjoy your new digs.

Sus said...

That looks fantastic!! Do you have a row boat? You should definitely get a row boat.

Badass Geek said...

Scatterbrain: The Boss actually scheduled a house-warming party for the middle of November. Think you can make it? =)

Moonspun: I have to plan a few extra minutes into my morning, so I can have enough time to look out the windows. It's great.

Posh Totty: It sure is.

Employee No 3699: I'll enjoy it fully once we're unpacked. The place is a mess right now.

Sus: I don't have a row boat, no, but we live across the lake from my parents (who have a boat). There might be some trans-lake excursions this spring/summer!

Pamela said...

looks lovely!

Lola said...

Well, I was going to comment on your stuffed animal collection, but then I read further. LOVE it! It's just gorgeous. Are the screened in porches just for you two or do other people share them?

Did the Boss schedule the housewarming for when I'm away? If not, I'll make a little roadtrip with my canoe!

Miss Grace said...


Heather said...

Very nice! Lots of personality, just like you.

enthalpymama said...

That is awesome!

LilSass said...

WOW!! Lucky you! I'll be sure to post a pic of the crackheads and police lights soon ;-)

Badass Geek said...

Pamela: It sure is!

Lola: The porches are both just ours. The second floor porch is a sleeping porch, for the summertime. The housewarming party? I think its on November 16th. Head on up if you can!

Miss Grace: Agreed.

Heather: Why, thank you! I'll take that as a compliment.

Enthalpy Mama: It really is. Whenever I come home I can't believe I live there.

Lil Sass: Please do! While you do that, I'll try to get a picture of my neighbors and their pot smoking. What else is there to do out in the sticks?

Jen W said...

I don't know how I missed this post but I just looked at those photos and I retract my comment on your latest post about "how will you survive without high speed Internet."

Forget about that- this view, and this apartment makes you WANT to unplug I'm sure!

Aubs said...

I'm so jealous! That place looks awesome and what I wouldn't give to wake up to that view every morning. Congrats on the new pad!

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