Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In Which I Rock

I downloaded the new Metallica album earlier this morning.

I've been listening to it all morning since, jumping around my apartment and head banging along to the music. I may also have been spotted by my landlord playing the air guitar and/or air drums. I don't care, though. I don't mind being seen acting like a tool. I've been waiting for this album for a while now, and waiting almost a month after the release date to get it almost killed me from anticipation. Besides, I love Metallica and I'll probably never get to see them in concert because their ticket prices are outrageously high.

To help complete the image that I'm sure you are forming in your mind, of a 23-year-old guy, jumping around like a crazed metalhead, here is a glimpse of what my hair looks like today:

Not quite the "badass" look I was going for, but The Boss thinks its sexy.


Sus said...


Did you know that next year they are coming out with Guitar Hero: Metallica!! Can't wait! I know it's not nearly as cool as actually being able to play the songs on a real guitar, but for those of us lacking those skills it's pretty sweet!

Miss Grace said...

I think that's some pretty rockin' Metallica hair.

Aunt Becky said...

I hear that the new album is awesome. I haven't listened yet (I come from a long line of metal heads--well, my friends anyway), but I'm sure I will.

Moonspun said...

Wait, did you hair get like that just from jumping around?! That's impressive!

Lola said...

I like it! Crazy works for me, and so does Metallica!

Cape Cod Gal said...

Excellent hair!

Honey, I can headbang with the best of 'em! I've seen Metallica 4 times and they rock!!! My husband has turned me into a total Metal head! (But, I still like to listen to Madonna.)

scatterbrain said...

And here was me imagining you with a head full of springy red curls.

I've stopped my head-banging due to disapproval from the teenager - who I'm sure will be playing Metallica's new album very soon.

Kat said...

Psst! Guess what? I am going to Metallica on the 25th. Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone. Oh and when we bought the tickets...we got 2 copies of the CD for free. :o My husband has been wearing that CD out.

Aubs said...

New Metallica album is freakin' AWESOME!!! My husband and I were both rocking the air guitar, drums, etc. when we gave it a listen. I'm glad they are moving back toward their old sound.

Nice head banging hair!

Badass Geek said...

Sus: I really, REALLY wish I had a Playstation so I could get the Metallica GH and rock out until the end of time. Sadly, I don't.

Miss Grace: Why, thank you. I take pride in my style.

Aunt Becky: Get it. If I hadn't downloaded it via iTunes, I'd send you the mp3's.

Moonspun: It started out being wet from my shower, so most of it was from jumping around, yes. It was fun!

Lola: Crazy is good. Metallica is better!

Cape Cod Gal: I'm officially jealous! I'm trying to convince The Boss to let me buy tickets to a show in Boston in January.

Scatterbrain: You pictured me with red hair? Interesting!

Kat: Very cool! Let me know how the concert goes!

Aubs: Me, too. Classic Metallica+Modern Metallica= AWESOME. Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

X said...

What's NOT badass about that 'do?

Dude, you look totally different from what I imagined. You have a little Seth Rogan look goin' on. Congratulations.

Whiney Momma said...

Nice spikes dude.

Heather said...

Rock on, Badass!

Badass Geek said...

SWAX: That's what I say about my hair, but The Boss doesn't seem to think the same. And Seth Rogen? That's a great compliment!

Whiney Momma: Why, thank you.

Heather: Rest assured, I will rock on.

A.C. said...

Yup, I pictured red hair, too. I think it's because of your blog banner.

scatterbrain said...

I got the reddish hair idea (more of a Titian really) from the photo with a hat. Your facial hair looks slightly red in that - unless I'm cripplingly colour blind.

Nice rockin' hair anyway, now I'll have to re-imagine you.

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