Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I wrote about 17 different entries to post this morning, but decided that all of them were pure, meaningless drivel. I decided instead to make a list of my favorite music.

Alice Cooper
As Fast As
Billy Joel
Brian Setzer
Charles Mingus
Count Basie
Def Leppard
Duke Ellington
Edgar Winter
Five Iron Frenzy
Glenn Miller
Green Day
Guns N' Roses
Huey Lewis & The News
Led Zeppelin
Maroon 5
Maynard Ferguson
Motley Crue
The Offspring
Ozzy Osbourne
A Perfect Circle
Pink Floyd
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sammy Haggar
Snow Patrol
Steve Miller
Stone Temple Pilots
Tenacious D
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Van Halen
Velvet Revolver
Weird Al Yankovic
The Who

This is by no means a complete list, despite what it looks like. At the very least it should give you more insight to who I am as a person.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Get To Know Me

I figured that since I couldn't dig deep enough into my brain for a "real" post today, that I would write some more facts about me. I'm sure the one (maybe two) people who read this are just dying to know more. Well, ladies and gents, I aim to please...

I am a middle child, born and raised in Maine, in a town that was over-crowded and polluted long before a Super Wal-Mart was built there.

I have two sisters, both of which have shitloads of dirt on me, so if you ever want to blackmail me, ask them.

I grew up with an anger problem, but I outgrew that phase long ago and the anger monkeys don't hang around so much these days.

I have played the saxophone for 15 years, and can also play (horribly) the clarinet, trumpet, and also (decently) the piano and guitar. I have been composing music for about ten years now.

I like movies, and I'm not too picky on the style. Action, thriller, suspense, comedy, horror... and anything by Judd Apatow. I am a big Star Wars fan, and can quote entire episodes of Family Guy.

I like to read. Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, and Tom Clancy are the big three in my library.

I sometimes hate the fact that I am left handed, because there are so many things that don't work as well. Scissors, manual pencil sharpeners, pencils and pens... Needless to say I was a fucking train wreck on Arts & Crafts day in school.

The phrase "That's what she said" is used by me on a daily basis. People tell me it gets old. I refuse to believe them.

I wear a hemp bracelet on my left wrist that I have not taken off in 5 years. No, it doesn't smell.

Growing up, I wore some form of braces for over five years. Because of that, I no longer have any ambition to eat popcorn or chew gum.

I wear boxer briefs.

I'm trying to make this list as random as possible.

I prefer Pepsi over Coke, and root beer gives me gas.

I cannot eat anything with artificial sugars in it. Something happens to my stomach that I do not care to describe, and I'm sure you're all set without the mental image.

My radio station pre-sets are set to three classic rock stations, and one metal station.

I don't like country music. It makes me want to eat razor blades.

My ass fell asleep while typing this.

Hope this was informative. I'll write more later.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


It's 2014. You know what to do.




My name is Michael Goodwin, and I am a twenty-something married man, living the dream in Central Maine. I refer to my wife as The Boss, because she truly is the one who wears the pants in our relationship. We've been married since 2006, and we just had our first child, Baby Badass, in April 2011.

I'm a middle child, I am left handed, and I have a medical condition caused by an extra piece of grey matter in my brain. I love all things Star Wars, and music is a major lifeline for me. I own too many movies and can quote too much from too many of them. Weird Al is my homeboy, and Stephen King is my hero. I am a musician and composer, a writer and a photographer, a joker and sometimes the Space Cowboy. I really love your peaches and I want to shake your tree, but that is neither here nor there.

I used to work from home, which meant I would spend loads of time in front of the computer. I started this blog to help pass the time, and it quickly developed into something much greater than I ever imagined. It took a lot of work to get there, but don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I've been on a sabbatical of sorts for some time now, focusing on life with my wife and daughter.

A few other things:
And, for what it's worth, I've got an e-book up for sale for the Kindle and Nook titled "Roadside Forgotten." There are links on the sidebar to your right, or click here for the Kindle version and here for the Nook version.

Want to know anything else about me? Just ask.