Monday, January 12, 2009

In Which I Am Introspective

I don't remember where I found this, but I cannot stop thinking about it...

It comes to me at night.

In the time between closing my eyes
and opening them,
it tears me up and I bleed again.

Quietly, my mind in pieces,
I am forced to rebuild what remains, but 
how can I expect to survive today,
being all of this, broken?

It comes to me again now...

Now a grip that chills my heart
into beating faster, now teeth to rake my
lungs, holding breath.

I lay still, here, 
blinking away the dark...
and failing to patch the hole
you left behind.


I know this is a little heavy for a Monday morning, but how does this make you feel?


areason2write said...

wow - I am not sure - our neighborhood lost a very young adult this weekend and it makes me think of her family and the hole she has left behind. But she didn't get to decide whether or not to leave that hole - maybe I am not the one to ask. 8-)

splodge said...

I'm reaching for this *points to pint of gin on the rocks* do you really need to ask??

Cape Cod Gal said...

I think that I just felt something squeeze my heart.

iamagrownup said...

it would make me scared to go to sleep and leaves me a little depressed.

Moonspun said...

It makes me remember some lonely nights in my past when I ached for people who I'd love and left me. When I didn't know or believe that life was going to get better someday.
Luckily it has.

Lola said...

It makes me tired. Sad and tired.

Anonymous said...

My daughter died 3 years ago and I still feel like that every night.

x said...

Um, really sad. How about we save this stuff for Sunday nights, when I'm depressed already? Thanks.

Badass Geek said...

A Reason 2 Write: I'm sorry to hear that. *hug*

Splodge: No, I suppose not.

Cape Cod Gal: I think that was the writer's intent... It's a tough read.

I Am A Grownup: Me, too.

Moonspun: I think this is also part of the writer's intent.

Lola: I agree. More of the sad, though.

Anonymous: I'm sorry for your loss, but I hope you are doing okay.

X: Okay, I'll keep that in mind the next time I have something sad to post.

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