Friday, January 9, 2009

In Which I Get Graced

There's been an interesting trend whirling around the neighborhood lately. The wind blew it my way during a brief e-mail conversation with my favorite Californian, Miss Grace. I'm sure you all know about it, so I won't waste your time describing it. The end result is that I've been asked five radical questions, and now I have answer them...

1) To what extent do you edit yourself on your blog? If you were going to compare your blog to your real self, how similar or different are they?
I try my hardest not to edit myself with my writing here, and generally speaking, I don't have to. The only people I know personally that read this blog are The Boss and maybe a trusted friend or two, and I've worked hard to keep it that way. I enjoy the feeling of being able to speak freely, but I still try to keep my writing (and language) clean and mostly about my life, in the off chance that my blog does get found out by other members of my family. Even with all of that aside, at the end of the day I write for myself and for the entertainment of others. I'll share what I'm comfortable sharing, and I'll use whatever language I feel best gets my point across. 

To compare my blog-self with my real-self, you'd probably find them similar enough, but my blog-self is more interesting. I have fewer inhibitions on speaking my mind here, because I have a chance to rehearse and proofread what I say before the whole world hears it. There is no Delete button when speaking, as much as I wish there was. In person I tend to be fairly reserved, more of an observer than a participant. The image of myself that I give off here is more true than the image I give off in person.
2) Would you rather keep your head shaved shiny bald, or never cut it again?
Being an insanely sweaty guy, I would have to go with a shiny bald head. I can't stand my hair long, anyways, but add into the mix a guy who sweats even on the coldest day of the year? Yeah, it wouldn't be a pretty sight.
3) If you could change a single behavior of The Boss (not a personality trait, just a behavior/habit), what would it be?
The part of me that values my testicles being attached to my body would urge me to say "Nothing! My wife is perfect!", but in honesty, that is simply not the case. Being forced to choose one thing I would change, though? Whenever there is something she'd like me to do, instead of just asking me the question out straight, she says, "Can you do me a favor?" This bugs me to no end. If you want me to do something, just ask me. Don't make me ask what the favor is, because then you make me think that I have a choice. Do I want to get you a cup of tea/rub your feet/buy you a giraffe? No, but I'll consider it if you ask me nicely.
4) You can choose one blog post to represent who you are/what you're about, and the rest disappear forever. Which one do you pick?
The post that best represents who I am or what I'm about? Definitely the post I wrote back in October 2008, where I talked about all the accidental self-inflicted injuries to my nutsack. After all, I am nothing if not clumsy as fuck, and I enjoy making others laugh at my expense. 
5) You're getting on an airplane this afternoon. Where are you going?
To Santa Cruz. Clean off your couch, I need a place to sleep.

Anyone else want to play? 

Leave a comment proclaiming your desire to have me interrogate you. 


Cape Cod Gal said...

I shamefully owe people some interviews. But, I'm sure you've got some stuff to ask me. Fire away!

areason2write said...

Katie Couric is calling - she's ready for your live interview in which she will provide you with a delete button. Thanks for sharing. I sweat in the winter too - although I am always freezing - yeah, I know, TMI.

Sus said...

I think almost everyone is probably more interesting on their blog than in real life.

In real life I am EXTREMELY shy. Not that I won't talk to people. It just takes me a long time to get the courage to do so.

Miss Grace said...

I get all hot and sweaty in the winter too. I think it's the contrast from feezing outside to overheated inside.

Lola said...

Good job, man! I've told a bunch of people to interview me, and I've yet to get the call. Yeah, I'm lookin' at you, CCG!

So, do me, do me, do MEEEE! Mama needs some post material.

As you already know from working with me on my blog, I'm EXACTLY the same in person as I am at Lola's Lounge. Actually, I'm probably more out of control in real life.

Heinous said...

Interviewed by the lovely miss Grace. Lucky you.

Amen on directness. Just tell em and I'll do it... or not.

Good answers!

Badass Geek said...

Cape Cod Gal: Consider it done!

A Reason 2 Write: Sweet! Can I make fun of her haircut?

Sus: Yeah, I don't often hang out with people. I'm kind of a hermit.

Miss Grace: That's part of it, but I almost never wear a heavy jacket.

Lola: Oh, I'll do you alright. I'll do you good.

Heinous: After four years of being with The Boss, she still doesn't get it. Of course, that is my fault.

Aunt Becky said...

Go for it, Badass. Ain't nothing I won't answer. Mostly. But I'm afraid you know most of it.

Heather said...

What? I can TOTALLY see you go all Fabio! But I must say, I love a bald man.

I have lots of secrets and I prefer to keep it that way, but thanks. =P

Badass Geek said...

Aunt Becky: That may be the case, but I'll try to come up with something good.

Heather: Me? A la Fabio? NEVER.

splodge said...

D'you know, I'm such a doh-brain I though it was a meme and that we could simply answer the same questions that you did. I've just drafted a post answering those same questions - Duh! I may publish it anyway on Monday.

If you ever get bored I'd be happy for you to email me some questions about never know, I just might answer them, although I can't promise to be enthralling.

Moonspun said...

Oh me, me, me!
I am with you on being reserved and more of an observor. Oh no, so if we met in real life, does that mean we'd just look at each other????

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