Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In Which I Am Confused

While getting a few groceries the other day, I saw this: 

I understand there are some pretty dense people out there, but do we really need to stoop this low? I mean, I think it's pretty evident even to an infant what juice is without having to label it as a "beverage". 

What stupid things have you seen lately?


Moonspun said...

Imagine the other options it could say "Apple Juice main course", "Apple Juice appetizer"...
I bet there were directions on the back of the bottle about how to drink it, too!
Stupidity? Oh, I must be too used to it around me to notice anything glaring.

Kat said...

Maybe it wasn't pure juice.

Jenn(ifer) said...

Seriously. I fuckin' love Hannaford. (oops I swore)
But look at it this way: it has 3 guiding stars and you really can't get any better than that.

Well, at Hannaford anyways ;-)

Single Parent Dad said...

Can't be too careful, people will drink anything. Have a look at this

The Social Frog said...

That's Hannaford for ya!

x said...

You never know. Although I'm sure it was in the beverage aisle.

P.S. Your masthead is the shit.

Bee and Rose said...

That's just plain dumb,isn't it? I love that you took a picture of it! lol!

Lola said...

They have to write that, because there's probably no apple juice in it whatsoever. Of all the grocery stores I hate, they're the worst!

Miss Grace said...

It's apple juice beverage because it's not 100% juice, so they can't call it apple juice.

It's like how they actually call american cheese "cheese food." Because it's not actually cheese.

Heather said...

100% juice is cheap enough that most people who can afford to buy juice at all, can choose that over "almost juice" every time, so I don't know why they even bother. If it says juice "drink" that's an indicator too that it isn't 100% juice.

Cape Cod Gal said...

Maybe they're implying that its gots something more than juice in it. Booze maybe???

Badass Geek said...

Moonspun: That's what I was thinking, too. "Set glass on counter. Remove cap from bottle. Pour slowly."

Kat: It probably wasn't.

Jenn(ifer): Hannaford is a pretty bitchin' place.

Single Parent Dad: That is just wrong. And pathetic. And wrong.

The Social Frog: It sure is.

X: One of many beverage aisles, yes. And thank you!

Bee and Rose: A man's gotta have something to do while the wife is comparing the price per pound on two types of cereal.

Lola: Hannaford is one of the only grocery stores around here. I kinda have to deal.

Miss Grace: It's not?

Heather: I know. It's just silly how they label it.

Cape Cod Gal: That'd be nice. I'm not sure what I'd like in my apple juice, though. Maybe a shot of Hot Damn.

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