Monday, September 14, 2009

In Which I Am Renewed

In a little under a week, my drivers license will expire. I remember thinking six years ago, when I first got my license in 2003, that 2009 seemed like such a long time away. While I haven't spent a lot of time at the Department of Motor Vehicles, waiting to get called for my driver's test, and later to have my picture taken for my license, was enough for me. I thank God that I have the ability to renew my license online, being done with the chore in just a few clicks instead of having to wait until I am at the age of knee replacement surgeries and dentures before they call my number at the DMV.

In thinking about having to renew my license, I started realizing how much has changed since 2003. Six years isn't a short period of time, but inside those years, life has changed dramatically.

Six years ago, I had just graduated high school. I was 18 years old, a freshman in college, a virgin. I drove a 1991 Buick LeSabre. I didn't know who Kurt Cobain was, I had never seen an episode of Saturday Night Live, and R-rated movies were entirely new to me.

Since then, I've gained weight and lost weight, sported a beard for a while, and decided that a goatee with a mustache was the better way to go. I've worked for seven different companies, one of them for only two days. I met and managed to convince the most beautiful woman I know to date me, live with me, and marry me. We'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary this year.

I've moved eleven times in the past six years. I've lost four deeply loved members of my family. I've seen one of my sisters become a mother, and my other sister is soon to follow. I've developed and struggled with a neurological condition that has already shaped and changed my foreseeable future.

I've never gotten a speeding ticket or been in an accident. I still pay more for my car insurance than my older sister does, who totaled two cars within six months of getting her license. As result, I always seem to forget to renew my car insurance policy almost every single time it expires. I miss my first car and my second car (a Saturn SL1), but only when I have to fill the swimming-pool-sized gas tank on my truck.

Six years from now, when it comes time to renew my license again, I wonder what else will have changed. I try not to envision myself too far in the future, but I know that I hope to be a father, maybe even a home owner, and owe less of my life to credit card companies and student loan lenders.

How has your life changed in the past six years?


In health-related news, I have started to show an improvement on the allergy front. I decided to split up the dose of steroids that I'm on, so that I have a more constant dose in my system instead of a blast of it all at once. That seemed to be the trick, and for the first time since Wednesday, I woke up yesterday morning completely hive-free. It was an unbelievably wonderful feeling.

I'm still physically exhausted from the whole ordeal, with the constant up and down from both the medications I'm on and the symptoms themselves. I've learned to listen to my body when it tells me I need to rest, and I've learned the warning signs that alert me to an oncoming attack of hives or the throat constriction. I guess it's good that I'm becoming used to it so I can better fight against it, but I just wish I didn't have to deal with this at all in the first place.

Thank you all for your support and suggestions throughout all of this. Trust me when I say that we are looking at any and all possibilities for the root of this problem, and I appreciate the insight you all offer. Whatever the cause, we're just hoping to find that proverbial needle in the haystack sooner than later. It'd be nice to be able to return home.

Happy Monday, folks.


Inna said...

Yeay for no hives!!!

Monday ugh...

Lola said...

You can renew your license without having to stand there and get an unflattering, giant pic of your mug?

I had to go in and deal with the madness for my renewal.

Happy to hear your hive-free!!!

lovelila said...

Let's see, six years ago, I was 16 and a junior in high school... Well, I've graduated from high school, gone to three different colleges, changed my major twice, and now I'm finally finishing up at my current college. (About three semesters left, though!) I had my first big heartbreak, I've gotten a new dog, moved away from home, moved back home, met lots of new friends.

Wow, I never actually thought about how much I've done in the past six years... that's more than I thought.

Aunt Juicebox said...

What! Six years? We have to do ours every 4, and no doing it online either. wtf? I hate Ohio. At least they got rid of the freaking echeck.

Six years ago I was just getting divorced from my psycho ex husband FINALLY after being separated for 5 years. I also quit my job that year, and started babysitting my nieces instead. My daughter had only just entered the double digits instead of just turning 16. I got the car I currently drive. I've moved. I got a cat. Then I got another cat. Then I got a rabbit. Now, I'm trying to convince my husband I'll get rid of all 3 of them in exchange for having a baby, when 6 years ago, the very idea of having another kid made me want to hurt myself. Yeah, a lot gets done in 6 years.

mumma boo said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!!

I have to brave the bureaucracy the next time I need my license renewed. Bah.

I'm overwhelmed thinking about what's happened to me in the last 6 years. Way too much for me to handle on a Monday morning! ;)

Alan said...

2 kids and a mortgage. 'nuff said.

Amy said...

Holy Moly Batman...that's quite a lot of change for a mere 6 years! I love the way you talk about "the boss!" You guys are beyond adorable!

Moonspun said...

Glad to hear that you are doing ok. It's very important to rest when your body says so. Unfortunately few people actually do that.
Six years ago? Let's see lil moonspun was 3 and in preschool, I was two years still from moving to Vermont and 3 from meeting RP and getting a divorce and 5 from getting married. I know I felt much more hopeless and resigned about life than I do now...

Stereos and Souffles said...

Hmmm, 6 years ago I was engaged and planning my wedding. Thankful that 5 years have gone by and I'm still married to the same person.

minivan soapbox said...

Wow...Six years. Six years ago I was trying to get knocked up! Now I have a five year old...So, I guess that worked out for me.

Notes From the Grove said...

Well, that's a fun game! Six years ago...I was 23, finishing college, living with a really good friend having really fun times. I was dating a lot, working for an Ad Agency which I hated because my boss was a dick (and also my father's best friend. NICE.). Overall though, life was (and still is) really fun!

By the way, I'm totally jealous you can renew online!

Mwa said...

You are so young! I somehow thought you were older. No wonder you feel babies are for the future.

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Six years ago, I thought I didn't "work" properly. A month later I got knocked up with my eldest child. I'd say a lot has changed for me, too.

Natalie said...

Have you gone to an allergist for a prick test? They suck but are pretty good at determining 100% what you are allergic to.

Congrats on the five year wedding anniversary!

In the last five years I have moved three states away to go to college, came home, graduated from college, met my husband, got a dog, got married, bought a house, got my first stamp in my passport, shortly followed by my second, and started a blog.

Megan said...

well, now here i thought you were older than me but i am actually 1 year older than you! sheesh! lol

i hate the DMV. that is hell on earth.

Nej said...

6 years ago...I was still in my 20's, I was suffering with allergies 24/7/365. I've since started getting shots, and have discovered that having a sense of smell is overrated. :-) I've had shoulder reconstructive surgery, and am LOVING being able to do the things I couldn't before. I've lost weight - and am currently gaining some of it back (mental note, go to gym tomorrow or else!).

I'm glad to hear that you are finally feeling better!!!!!!!!!!

Nyx said...

Glad to hear that your allergies are getting better. Personally, I'm of the opinion that in the back room of the DMV is a portal to hell....

Children of the 90s said...

I used to drive a Buick Regal, I remember those days...

This post sort of reminds me of this link my friend just sent me to our old blog from high school. You just don't realize time is passing until you have a real concrete moment to stop and look back.

Jade said...

Happy to hear the hives have gone away!
Hmm...six years ago I was a working professional with my own home and dating my future husband. Now I'm a student renting out said home while I live in a shoebox apartment to finish my PhD. Sometimes it feels like regression, but I promise myself it will soon pay off and at least future husband became current husband and we are very happy together. Even in a shoebox. At least the shoebox is in a pretty place.

Lana said...

glad to hear you're starting to feel a bit better!

six years means so much to us now, it's amazing how many changes can shape you in such a short time. i'm awed to think someday i might be looking back on the past sixty years...

Mrs Soup said...

So glad that the drugs are starting to work!!

6 years ago I had just moved into a house with 4 other girls, was single and childless, still in school, working for a movie theatre and had just gotten my dog Angel. Crazy how time passes...

JennyMac said...

So glad you are feeling better!!!

6 years the single girl's hey day in a rocking fun city. Now, living the married girls toddler style does keep getting better...

Kim said...

Six years ago I was 20 and living in Ohio, not quite yet engaged to the, well, looking back I can hardly call him a man, boy? that would pretty much ruin my life. I was developing a nasty little habit that my family still does not know about. I was just beginning my "year off" from school.

My dad had a lump on his tongue that was discovered a month prior to this time but biopsies suggested that it was nothing to be concerned about, it would be 4 more months until he was giving the diagnosis.

All of my grandparents were alive, now I'm down to one. They were elderly but weren't at a very scary point other than deciding my one grandpa shouldn't drive any longer.

I was childless and was never planning on having children.

I wasn't as much of a nerd, I had never written a line of code, knowing nothing more than livejournal HTML and had never even been near a computer running Linux and I wrote god-awful emo poetry.

We renew our license every 8 years here in New York, other than everyone getting a new one when they turn 21 to get rid of the bright red warning. My picture is still the picture they took when I got my permit 2 days after my 16th birthday thanks to the Internet.

Doughmesticity said...

it sounds like 6 yrs ago, you led quite a sheltered life! seems like you've come a long way. and good to hear that you are feeling better!

LucyCooper said...

Stay away hives, you dirty bastards.
In my driver's License-picture-before-last, I was 9 days away from giving birth for the first time. My face looked like a catcher's mitt. I loved that picture though. I used to look at it from time to time and think, Oh, honey, you have no idea what's coming

Jane Lively said...

in the past six years..., master's degree, baby, wedding anniversaries #3 through #9, couple of beach vacations, new-ish job, and a partridge in a pear tree.
... it feels more like six minutes.

Mrs. B said...

In the last six years, I have graduated with a BS, gotten married, recieved my teaching credential, moved to a new city, got a "real" job, and started my blog.

My prediction for six years from now... you and the Boss will have two kids, three dogs and a mansion. You'll be a fmaous published author and drive a flying car, Jetsons style.

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. The past 6 years? It's ALL changed. Ha! HA!

And I'm guessing that your hives are caused from not hanging out with your friend Becky.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better....

Hmmm...past 6 years....

- I did a partial cross country trek helping a friend move from Seattle to Ohio.
- Tried kayaking for the first time.
- I entered the Guiness Book of World records as part of the largest group of kayakers (kayaked 13.1 miles CT to LI to raise $$ for charities).
- Diagnosed with cancer which would leave me unable to have children
- Beat cancer, but almost died from surgical infection.
- Got to have 3 surgeries in 2 year span (lucky me) and got to wear a lovely wound vak for 4 weeks.
- Started career # 3.
- Started dating again after 15 years (met hubby #1 at age 20)
- Hiked the Grand Canyon for 7 days (no it didn't take 7 days to get down to bottom)
- Started traveling. Miss it.
- Tried (and love) cross country skiing and snowshoeing.
- Married the man I want to grow old with last October.
- Became unemployed and am on month 17. I've changed and grew more than I ever knew possible.

Sorry, I hogged up your comment space.

Badass Geek said...

Inna: Mondays suck.

Lola: Giant or otherwise, all pictures of me are unflattering.

Love Lila: Six years does crazy things, eh?

Aunt Juicebox: You're considering having another baby?

Mumma Boo: Everyone should be able to do it online.

Alan: Indeed.

Amy: Thank you!

Moonspun: My body has been talking pretty loudly lately. And I'm not talking about farting.

Stereos and Souffles: Congrats!

Minivan Soapbox: I guess so.

NFTG: Life can be pretty fun sometimes, can't it?

Mwa: I feel that I was born a generation too late sometimes.

Natalie: I see an allergist on Thursday this week.

Megan: Agreed.

Nej: My sense of smell is very poor, but I consider that a blessing in disguise.

Nyx: I think you are correct.

COTN: Buick Regals were HAWT.

Jade: As long as the shoebox feels like home, it doesn't matter the size.

Lana: It's funny, isn't it? Six years doesn't seem like a long time, but a lot happens within it.

Mrs Soup: Indeed.

Jenny Mac: It sure does!

Kim: The internet is a wonderful thing.

Doughmesticity: My life six years ago was the literal definition of the word "sheltered".

Lucy Cooper: Nice.

Jane Lively: Time sure does fly by.

Mrs B: A flying car? AWESOME.

Aunt Becky: No, because I haven't hung out with her nearly enough lately.

Little Ms Blogger: Sounds like you've had a busy stretch of years, but also that you are happy. That's the most important.

Maureen said...

Let's see... six years ago I was pretty much the same as I am now. Same house, same hubby, same job.

Yup. That confirms it. I am definitely boring.

x said...

Six years? You are an infant.

Six years ago I was having sex with people who didn't deserve to have sex with me, spending money carelessly and wondering if I'd ever work full-time as a writer.

Caron said...

Six years ago I was finally leaving a job I hated and I had fewer housepets, but everything seems the same. It happens when you get older. ;)

Caron said...

And I am so glad things are feeling better for you.

S3XinthePantry said...

I've never look at my life over six years, but you've managed to do a LOT in six years! Glad your health is improving & congrats to your sister!

Captain Dumbass said...

Six years? New house, two cars, two car accidents, two kids, new job, therapy, lost job. Glad to hear you're getting a handle on your allergies.

LiLu said...

I so wish there was something I could do for you... if only hypo-allergenic puppies were free. :-)

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