Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Which I Am Glad To Be Home

The Boss and I got back from our camping weekend yesterday morning. It was a good and well-deserved break from the constant routine of working and responsibility, but it was over much too quickly. Despite our sunburns (mine isn't too bad, but The Boss looks like she got into a fight with a tanning bed), the weather could not have been more perfect. We're going to try to get another weekend of camping in before the summer ends, that is if the summer months don't blaze past us like they normally do.

As much as I enjoy camping, I do look forward to getting back home. I enjoy sleeping on a cushy mattress instead of on the ground with a rock or a tree root jabbing me in the back. I enjoy taking a shower and having control over the temperature. I enjoy sitting down to relax and not having to worry about slapping bugs off my legs and arms. Camping is a lot of work and involves some discomfort here or there, but there are plenty of things that make it worth it.

Like seeing the sun rise and burn off the mist that hugs the still lake water in the morning, or watching the sunset over the mountains and set fire to the clouds. Like letting the sound of the spring peepers and the rush of small waves breaking on the beach lull you to sleep, or sitting down at the campfire and watching the most primitive and basic exchange of energy occur in front of you. Like leaving the computers at home and turning off the cellphones and just enjoying a few days where there are no schedules, no deadlines, no requirements.

One of the things The Boss and I did to pass the time was play Six Degrees of Separation. I'm sure you've all heard of this idea before, but The Boss and I play a slightly different version of it. We play it with actors or actresses in movies, and try to stump and challenge each other by coming up with two actors you'd likely never see in a movie together.

Like Jack Nicholson to Viggo Mortenson in six steps. Or Carrie Fisher to Mos Def in four steps. Keifer Sutherland to Michael Caine in two steps. Matthew McConaughey to Ricky Gervais in two steps. Rosario Dawson to Laura Linney in five steps.

This is a game that The Boss doesn't like to lose at, so we played this game for a couple hours both Sunday and Monday. It probably looked odd to our neighbors around the campground, seeing the both of us just sitting there, not talking, staring off into the trees or out at the lake, deep in thought. To some, spending a few hours like that probably doesn't sound like fun, but it is. If you are a movie buff, give it a try.

I've got a few stories to share about this past weekend, but I'm going to save them for Friday's post. This post is long enough as it is. 

It's good to be back, people.


Feral Female said...

Sounds like you and the boss had a nice relaxing time!

carissa said...

That version of Six degrees is my absolute favorite. My best boy/ whatever he is- and i are going to my family's land to spend the weekend out in the wilderness much like you and boss did. We spend more time playing 6 degrees, and another game called F.I.L.M. (think H.O.R.S.E... One person names an actor, the other names a movie they were in, then person A names another actor from that movie.. ect. If you can't think of one then you get an F.) than anyone I know!

Glad you had fun!

J-Bird said...

Wow. You make camping seem majestic. I am a city girl to the core and I can ever think of are the flesh-eating insects, lack of running water and mysterious glowing eyes in between the trees. Listening to you tell it (and seeing your gorgeous twit pics) help me to appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth's natural state but I still ain't goin'. Glad you had a good time. Can't wait to hear your camping stories.

Jennifer said...

Might have to try that, my friend Taylor is a movie buff.

Noelle Sebastian said...

You make camping sound so much better than any camping experience I've ever had. Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

Chuck said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all...batteries recharged and ready for the grind.

camerabanger said...

The pleasures FAR outweigh the inconveniences and minor discomforts. You sound like a "Happy Camper"!

Chris Mancini said...

Never really loved camping. I like hiking, but even for my boy scout camping badge I had my father pick me up at night and bring me back in the morning. Sounds like you guys had fun. Good to recharge and commune with the whole nature thing.

Mad Woman said...

Welcome back. Glad to hear you had a good time...although now I'm going to spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how to connect those movie stars.

Badass Geek said...

Feral Female: We sure did.

Carissa: I'll have to try that game sometime.

J-Bird: Camping really is an acquired taste.

Jennifer: It's a blast. Seriously.

Noelle Sebastian: It's all about focusing on the good stuff, and ignoring the not-so-pleasant stuff.

Chuck: Indeed.

Camerabanger: Indeed!

Chris Mancini: Yeah, the ol' batteries were quite low.

Mad Woman: If you get stumped, I'll give you the answers.

Nej said...

I'm HORRIBLE with our six degrees game would be something like this....

"OK, you know that guy that was in the movie with John Cusak. You know, his name is a color. Oh wait, he was in that movie where he was a non music teacher teaching music? I he plays in a band that played on some awards show."

"Jack Black?"

"Yeah, that's him. So six degree of him and that chick...with the long hair. Well, it might not be long now....but it was in that movie where she was a dancer, a ballerina....but moved to and inter-city school. And that classmate of hers taught her how to dance like they do in the clubs?"

(blank stare)

"She was also in that 90's movie with Heath Ledger."

"Oh, oh, I know who you're talking about. She was in the Bourne movies?"

"Yeah, that's her!! What's her name?"

"I don't know."

"Well....that's ok....six degrees between her and Jack Black....go!!!"


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