Friday, September 24, 2010

In Which I Wouldn't Put Those Two Together

In case you haven't tried to find any TV to watch on Sunday afternoons or evenings for the past two weeks, we are now two weeks into football season. For a majority of America, this is something we have been looking forward to ever since the last second of regulation ticked away at the Superbowl in February. I have been a lifelong Patriots fan, and while I don't get into football so much as to have my own fantasy team, I do have the NFL app on my Droid so I can keep up with the league, and I participate in a couple of local football pools. 

I've been going to home games ever since I was ten years old, and this Sunday is no different. I'll be traveling down to Foxboro to watch the Patriots (hopefully) redeem themselves after last week's horror show against the Jets. It's supposed to rain (or so I've heard) but that's okay. Besides the tailgating and the beer and the cheerleaders and the atmosphere and all of the other great things about being at the game in person, there is one thing about being at the game that is so much better than watching it at home:

Not seeing the commercials.

A majority of the commercials aired during a football game are about beer or cars, but guaranteed, there's going to be at least one moment during the game where the room has fallen silent and it's just you and the guys, and a commercial comes on... for erectile dysfunction. I don't know why the people in charge of advertising spots during football games allow these commercials. I mean, seriously. Football is about masculinity and power, not about flaccidity and limpness. 

I'll allow that limp dick syndrome is something to see your doctor about, but I think I'm speaking for the guys here when I say that we don't want to see these commercials while we're hanging out with our buddies. Seeing those commercials while we're watching Dateline or Wheel of Fortune is one thing; seeing them while hyped up on beer, chips, and testosterone is another thing entirely. There is nothing more awkward than the silence that immediately follows a Viagra or Cialis commercial before all the guys in the room silently and unanimously agree to resume the conversation as if the aforementioned commercial never happened. 

Even if statistics say that one in ten adult males have E.D., I just wouldn't put those two things together.

Have a good weekend, everyone


ScubaNurse said...

Bahahaha! It's like the ladies weak bladder ads after desperate housewives, they don't cringe after laughing, oh wait- they can't.
Botox is cruel.
Can't even express sadness at bladder weakness.

Maggie said...

Hey, if I have to sit through Tampax ads during things like Grey's Anatomy and the like, then you can endure a Viagra commercial or 12...million.

It is a strange combo though, I'll give you that!

Natalie said...

It's actually quite genius from the advertisers perspective. Football is a definate way to reach the intended audience. Also you go completely silent while watching so you actually catch what the commercial is saying.

Cecelia Winesap said...

It seems to have made an impression on you, so they have done their job. :)

Jen said...

I'll be watching the game on Sunday and now I'll be LOOKING for the Viagra commercials. I'll think of you and wince when I see it.

kristina said...

Natalie has hit the nail on the head, I'm quite sure!!

Moonspun said...

You mean you don't all talk about how exciting those two bathtubs look together on the beach???

Chuck said...

Very true dude, very true.

Leigh said...
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Writer Ninja said...

They have bipolar medicine advertisements on during wife swap. Fits. Enough said.

Writer Ninja said...

I agree that commercial is highly awkward in the situation you described, though. Even more awkward when you are with a kid who goes, “Hey, what was that commercial for? Why are the people in two bathtubs in the middle of nowhere?”

Badass Geek said...

ScubaNurse: Such a shame.

Maggie: My point exactly.

Natalie: A valid point, yes, but still. Awkward.

Cecelia Winesap: Too bad for them I'm not part of their intended demographic.

Jen: You'll probably see a few.

Kristina: Yeah.

Moonspun: How is it supposed to work, exactly, with each person in their own tub?

Chuck: I thought so.

Writer Ninja: Absolutely.

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