Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Which I Don't Get It

"How are you tonight?" the CVS cashier asks me pleasantly. I set my 12-pack of Pepsi down on the counter for her to ring in. It's quarter-past five in the evening and it's pretty busy in the store. 

"I'm well, thanks, and you?" I reply, digging in my wallet for my CVS card. I hand it over so I can earn my menial reward points and further pledge my consumership to this particular drugstore chain. 

"Not bad, not bad," she says, bobbing her head a little. She's probably in her late teens/early twenties, and unlike most individuals I've encountered in her age group, she actually seems to be in possession of a personality. She hits a few keys on the register and gives me my total. "Is that all tonight?"

"Yeah, that'll do it. How much?"

"$5.37," she replies, and tucks her hair behind her ears. I hand her a twenty dollar bill.

"Nice," she says in admiration. 

Not thinking that presenting a twenty is cause for admiration, I begin to get a little confused. "Thanks?" I offered, not really sure what the appropriate response should be.

"I've never seen one of those before." The drawer pops out and she starts counting out my change.

A cashier that has never seen a twenty dollar bill before? What, is it one of those new twenties? Or is she just jerking me around, trying to embarrass me in front of the other patrons?


She must have sensed my confusion, because she looks at me with a raised eyebrow. "Yeah..." she trails off. 

"You've... never seen a twenty before?" I ask slowly, unsure of what is happening.

"No, of course I've seen a twenty before," she says with exaggerated obviousness. "I was referring to the concert t-shirt you're wearing. Styx and Foreigner? Must have been a killer show."

"Oh." Of course she wasn't talking about the currency I was purchasing with. "Yeah. It was."

We stand there quietly for a moment, and then she hands me my change, suddenly in a hurry to be done with me (the weirdo) and be on to the next customer. "Have a good night. And by that, I mean enjoy the rest of the day," she said. 

My face flushed red as I grabbed my 12-pack and ducked out of the store. Sometimes I have no clue whatsoever where my mind goes with things. 


I'm need to do a little bit of housekeeping today. First off is mentioning something Scuba Nurse wrote about recently. She reviewed a book that is for parents who are grieving the loss of their child. No parent should have to go through that, but it's great that there are resources like the book she talks about on this post to help those suffering through the unspeakable. Check it out!

Also, I apparently goofed when I wrote the terms for my annual Fall Give Away last week. I edited the original post to mention the changes, but basically there is only going to be one Grand Prize winner this year. That person gets the $55 gift certificate to CSNStores. There will still be two runners-up, one in each category, but only one big winner. 

Sorry for the confusion, folks.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I know you're rusty and all that...having plunged into the matrimonial black hole...but that chick was flirting with you. Even us married guys gotta be on the lookout for that. :-)

Jeff said...

I mean, to be fair, usually people who want to compliment a shirt you have on would follow "nice" with "shirt."

I'd be confused too, sir.

Steph said...

I'm a longtime lurker, but was never moved to comment before. This post forced me to clean my desk, though, because I sprayed my 7/11 coffee all over everything when I started laughing! Well played, BadAss. Well played. :)

Shorty said...

My husband says he gets more attention now that he's married than he did pre-marriage. I agree with Jeff - she was flirting. Way to go. But in all honesty, I would have made the SAME mistake you did. "You've never seen a twenty??" LOL

Deidra said... hilarious. Blog fodder: things that are difficult to live through, but made pleasurable only in the fact that they make good blogging topics.

Melissa said...

I have to agree, flirting, and you may be badass, but you certainly worthy of the geek name too dude!

Chuck said...

How did she even know about Styx and Foreigner??? Good question for the next flirtation, ah...trip to CVS.

Moonspun said...

She could have been more specific, I might have thought the same thing...

Mrs. Winder said...

While she should have been straight up and told you what she was talking about, did you really think she had NEVER seen a 20? ha-ha

I wish I could have been the next person in line watching. No worries though, I would have totally helped you out. :)

mice_aliling said...

Sometimes my mind goes ahead of me, too and I can't figure it out until 15 minutes later or maybe never figure it out.

Scuba Nurse said...

Flirting.. A skill that fades if you don't use it. And gets you in trouble if you do!! Good luck with that one!!!
Thanks for the nod, much appreciated!

#1Nana said...

Okay, I guess I'm a pervert. I was sure you had your fly open and it was scarcasm. I have to admit it was kinda a let down to find out it was just an old t-shirt.

Badass Geek said...

Anonymous: Geez, you think so?

Jeff: Thank you.

Steph: Sorry for the mess, but thank you for the comment!

Shorty: I'm oblivious to the flirting, apparently.

Deidra: Indeed.

Melissa: Absolutely!

Chuck: Either she was just making conversation, or she has good tastes in music for a girl her age.

Moonspun: Yeah, she was pretty vague.

Mrs. Winder: Like I said, I don't know where my mind goes sometimes.

Mice_aliling : I know the feeling.

Scuba Nurse: No problem!

#1Nana: Yeah, I can see that.

Writer Ninja said...

Ha! Once I was talking to a friend and I said, “I love U2! (The band).” They gave me a strange look and said, “Well then, I did not know you felt that way about me, but that is cool."
When I explained what I was really saying it was very, eh…awkward…

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