Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In Which It Comes A Bit Early*

Originally, I was going to wait until this Friday to announce the winner of my Fall Season Give Away. That has since changed because for one reason or another, participation was pretty low. I'm a bit puzzled by that fact, but I'm going to chalk it up to busy lives and general lack of time to be able to participate. So, without any further ado, let me announce the winner (and the sole participant):

Join me in congratulating Megan! Here's what she had to say about why she chose this particular picture to best summarize her opinion of the Fall season. I have to say that while I don't necessarily agree with her choice of team, I agree with her reasoning:
Fall = football season. At least in my house. And no matter what team you cheer for, you have to admit that Heinz Field has a hell of a view.
Nothing says Fall like sleeping in on a lazy Sunday, only to roll out of bed, slip on your favorite jersey, and prepare to fight off all those who would challenge your rights to the buffalo wing dip. And chili. And hot wings. And beer. And, well, fall is really when you fatten up in preparation for the long winter ahead (or an excuse to stuff your facehole full of yummy tasting food).
Amen to that.

So, congrats again to Megan! Megan, to claim your prize of $55.00 to any of the CSNStores websites, just shoot me an e-mail. I'll have my contact send you the gift certificate electronically.

As for the rest of you with good intentions, well, there's always next year.


I don't talk often about sports here, but I was at the Patriots game this past weekend against the Vikings. It was a great game, with lots of freaks and geeks dressed up for Halloween. It was great to see the Vikings lose, to see Randy Moss only get a single catch, and to see Brett Favre get carted off the field bleeding from his face. I'm not normally so mean towards people, but I've held a grudge against Favre ever since 1996. 

The most memorable part of the game? Having the old woman sitting behind me punching me in the back to get me to sit down. I was on my feet to watch a play developing near the end zone, and she couldn't see... yet clearly she missed the giant HD display over at the other end zone. She must have punched me in the kidneys a half dozen times before I turned around and told her to quit it. Well, to be honest, I told her to "fucking stop punching me in the kidneys" and to "stand up or watch the fucking Jumbotron" if she wanted to see what was happening.

Usually I respect my elders, but when they start throwing kidney shots, all that goes out the window.

* All together now: That's what she said.


cbs111 said...

The grandma at the game only sustains my long standing belief that old people should stay home.

Jen said...

Congrats to Megan. I was watching the same game as you, from the first touchdown (that was clearly not a touchdown) to watching Favre get carted off the field like a big sissy. I hope the old lady took your advice.

Shorty said...

I agree that fall is definitely about football and fattening up, even though I try NOT to fatten too much. Ha! As for Grandma at the game, what's with old people? I respect them too, but it seems most of the assume they own the world.

Bama Cheryl said...

I read you regularly but never saw the entry information so I didn't know what was going on. Ah well, next year!

Lynne H. said...

Ha! I have not been around , but I'm back.. As far as the old lady..Hell, next time jet-slap her..that will cure that.. (ps-don't tell my Mom I told you to do that)

Oh btw-Congrats on the new baby soon to arrive.. it will be amazing!!

Moonspun said...

I like the picture! Although I am a patriot fan as well. And wow...imagine fucking a jumbotron! :-)

Daniel said...

Don't let old people fool you...

When I'm old, I intend on taking advantage of as many young people as I can.

I mean, wait, nothing.

carissajade said...

Yeah! Congrats Megan! I'm not a fan of sports either, but put me at a game and I have a good time.

kristina said...

* I often have that thought about many of your blog-titles...

Can you imagine if you'd punched granny back? You'd be charged with assault! Un-effing believable!!

(I'm trying to clean up my language, cause any time now my child will decide it's time to speak, and I don't want one of the first real words coming out of his mouth to be "off-colour"... his grandma might punch me in the kidneys!)

Chuck said...

Dude, you are dissing Brett Favre??? Where I can read it? Man, as a diehard Packer backer for 45 years he was the second coming in Green Bay. I agonized when he left for the Jets and died when the Vikings got him (see a very early post on my blog). I hate he got hurt but I want this year to be so bad for the Vikings that he retires for good and no other team will possibly want him. He needs to leave with every record and stay home. When he gets to 300 consecutive starts it will stand for all time. Unless they let robots play football.

Surprised you didn't throw a forearm shiver at granny.

Badass Geek said...

Cbs111: Yes.

Jen: Oh, she did. She didn't say a word to me after that.

Shorty: It's a false sense of entitlement.

Bama Cheryl: Deal. =)

Lynne H: Thank you!

Moonspun: It would be complicated, that's for sure.

Daniel: Good luck with that.

CarissaJaded: That's cool.

Kristina: Do you? You are clearly on my wavelength, then.

Chuck: I don't have a separate blog, if that's what you meant. I just despise the guy, all because they beat the Patriots at the Superbowl in 1996, and Favre ran all over the field like an adolescent. Correction: an adolescent asshole.

Writer Ninja said...

Ahhh, I did not even get the chance to submit mine because October has been the month from hell. Well, next year my entry will be spiffy!

Employee No. 3699 said...

I wish I could have participated in this contest, but there is no Fall in India...and no pumpkins that I've seen thus far.

That being said, congrats to Megan!!!

Nej said...

See what I get for getting behind in my blog reading! Missing the chance to win a sweet contest!!! :-)

The woman was physically hitting you? Geeezzz!!!!!!

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