Friday, December 17, 2010

In Which I Suppose It's Better Than Nothing

Sometimes, when I'm sitting at my desk trying to write and the words just aren't coming, I start looking around my office and try to find inspiration in something. It's a wonder I haven't written exhaustively about the migrating habits of clutter and the calming qualities of proper organization by now, but sometimes it's enough to trigger a thought and then *poof*, instant idea.

On the days where inspiration is not found by looking at piles and stacks of clutter, my eyes inevitably make their way back to my computer, and my lamp that has sat resolute on the left corner of my desk for many years. It's a halogen lamp, and has a peculiar rocker switch that has intrigued me ever since I bought it. I realize how weird that sounds, but take a look at it:

Looks kind of like a face, doesn't it? An emoticon-type face? I don't look at it and expect this random pattern of ink on a plastic switch that looks like a face to provide me with ideas for things to write about. That would be crazy. But sometimes, after looking at it and thinking for the millionth time how much it looks like one of the Easter Island heads, an idea comes to me.

It's all coincidental, but whatever works. What do you do when inspiration is lacking?

Have a good weekend, everyone.


Backrow Girl said...

It does look like an Easter Island head... Strangely enough, I was just looking at the pictures, and thinking how similar they were. Then I actually read the text. Reaction: Wow, they look reall- Oh. He noticed that already.

Great minds think a like.

Pixie said...

I take a walk or read other people's blogs. I do think it looks like a face.

JenS said...

I read something else, troll the web, listen to some music, etc. Anything but think about what I'll write about.

kristina said...

Definitely reading. Music is good too. Sometimes, if I have the opportunity, sitting in a dark room with my eyes closed. (You may get to use this one a lot when the little bad-ass-geekette shows up and is having trouble sleeping, so you sit in the room with her until she falls asleep - and you do too!)

Denny P 3 said...

I look at pics of my kids. Usually something they have done pops out at me and gives me some sort of an idea.

Kev D. said...

Usually I head to the can for an inspirational number two. Best place to do some serious thinking.

That or read the shampoo bottle, whichever.

00dozo said...

At the moment you said, "emoticon" I tilted my head.

Happy Holidays!

Didactic Pirate said...

You made me start looking around my own office just now. And... holy shit, there are FACES EVERYWHERE, in EVERYTHING.
And they're all looking at me. Mostly in disappointment.

I wonder what that means.

Jennifer said...

I go for a walk and take my camera. :)

Chuck said...

I grab a beer or two! And I saw the face before I read your weird.

Lyla said...

If u need inspiration..try doing something that u know needs to be done but u hate doing me an avalanche of ideas will come to u in a matter of seconds...that's y i get my most creative ideas during exams or when i am working under a deadline... :) like a charm for me every time...

shakescraft said...


It's now the new emoticon sweeping the Internet.

Writer Ninja said...

Ha, somebody beat me to that trendy new face emoticon. Wait for the trend granny, you whippersnappers. I can’t keep up. ;)

Aunt Juicebox said...

It makes me think "dumb dumb, gum gum".

Grenouille Fille said...

If possible, I go out and play the basket-ball.

Badass Geek said...

Backrow Girl: Indeed they do!

Pixie: Glad to know I'm not crazy.

JenS: It sucks when you get stuck into that thought pattern.

Kristina: That's probably going to happen a lot.

Denny P 3: Kids are ripe for ideas.

Kev D: Hey, the back of a shampoo bottle inspired a post here not too long ago.

00dozo: Thanks, you too!

Didactic Pirate: Do I really have to tell you?

Jennifer: A good idea!

Chuck: Weird, indeed.

Lyla: Smart!

Shakescraft: That shit's going viral.

Writer Ninja: I'm almost always a day late, too.

Aunt Juicebox: Ha!

Grenouille Fille: I am horrible at basketball.

Nej said...

My shower curtain at home has little surfer dudes, riding big blue waves.

Anyway...I swear to you one of those surfer dudes has a garter on his leg.

Yep, only one of them.

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