Friday, December 31, 2010

In Which It's The End Of The Year

People have been asking me lately if I'm making any resolutions for the new year. Once I manage to stop laughing and I've wiped the tears from my eyes, it's pretty much understood that no, I'm not making any resolutions. Why make a bunch of promises to myself that I likely won't keep? I'll only be disappointing myself, and to be honest, I've had my fair share of that in 2010. In lieu of resolutions, I like making a list of things I'm not going to do in the next year. 

In 2011, I'm not going to 
  • ... wear my work shirts according to a strict rotating schedule. 
  • ... let the stupidity of others bring me down.
  • ... let the large woman at work with the Burt Reynolds mustache intimidate me. 
  • ... forget about those who have helped me get to where I am.
  • ... say "Thank You" to any toll booth operator unless they thank me first. 
  • ... stop believing.
  • ... let any rogue air fresheners or vending machines make me feel inferior. 
  • ... hold myself to ridiculous standards.
  • ... waste my time with regrets.
  • ... stop making That's What She Said jokes.

There are many other things I'm sure I'm going to try not to do over the next year, but if I were to list them all, I'd start to sound like a major procrastinator. I realize that my short list is a mixture of serious and not-so-serious statements, but I think that's the best way to approach the end of one year and the beginning of the next... With a modicum of respect and healthy dose of laughter.

So what about you, my friends? Are you making resolutions, or are you resolving to not do things like I am? 


Before I wrap up this, my 159th and last post of 2010, I want to pass along my deep and sincere gratitude for you, my readers. I appreciate each any every one of you, and your comments and wise cracks are often what gets me through the week. I owe a large portion of my sanity to you all, and for that I am ever grateful. 

Have a great weekend, everyone, and Happy New Year!


tony said...

Happy New Year man - I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for you. Just want to let you know that I've enjoyed your blog since way back when our blogging paths crossed. I may not always post a comment and I may not be able to get to your blog daily, I want you to know that I still read it as often as I can and still enjoy it. Keep up the good work my friend.

Didactic Pirate said...

Good luck with that second one.
And I say take off that last one too. I don't care what others say: That's What She Said jokes are still funny.

Happy New Year to you -- a lot of big changes coming your way this year, I know. You're gonna rock at that whole parenthood thing.

Chuck said...

Happy New Year dude! Looking forward to you and the little Badass ruling the blogosphere together in '11.

Kage said...

it's new year's? huh. where the fuck have i been?

i'm a new reader, but already hooked. looking forward to stalking you in the new year.

and i agree with d pirate. that's what she said jokes ARE still funny.

Nyx said...

we love you too BAG. Happy fucking New Year's. (and don't give up the 'that's what she said' jokes. you don't get rid of a classic).

bakku-shan said...

Have a seductively satisfying New Year 2011, Bad Asss!

MrsCaptKerk said...

I wouldn't judge, if you were still intimidated by the lady with the mustache. That's just frightening.

As for goals/new years resolutions--I don't make them. I don't want to better myself in anyway. I'm content with being mediocre.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Fun list!

I am good with all of them except maybe the Burt Reynolds one; at work we have a short rotund swarthy dude who looks just like Burt circa 1979 and it creeps me out every single day.

Badass Geek said...

Tony: Thanks, Tony! I appreciate it.

Didactic Pirate: Thanks, man.

Chuck: Me, too. =)

Kage: Yeah, the list was things I am *not* doing in the new year. Thus, *not* stopping telling TWSS jokes.

Nyx: Absolutely not.

Bakku-shan: Thanksss!

MrsCaptKerk: Me, too!

Brahm (alfred lives here): Frightening, isn't it?

Moonspun said...

I always resolve not to make resolutions. So it's a win win situation for me!
I love your list, though. Happy New Year!

Writer Ninja said...

You keep up those “That’s what she said” jokes. Hey, somebody has to do it. ;)

P.S. Have you even gone to a library and added “In your pants” to the end of book titles? It sounds strange, but it provides endless amounts of entertainment. The only problem with it is having a librarian hunch over you and they give you that Imma-Kill-You Stare.

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