Friday, April 29, 2011

In Which It's Only Fair

We may be adults, but sometimes, The Boss and I can be downright childish.

The incident I'm referring to happened on Tuesday this week. We were driving to have dinner with a family member, and The Boss casually mentioned that she had a song stuck in her head. Usually when she says that I don't ask her what song specifically, because I don't want to risk getting it stuck in my head, too. This time, though, the inquiry was out of my mouth before I had time to think.

"What song do you have stuck in your head?"

Of course, instead of mentioning the song, she demonstrated vocally. "Stop, in the name of love!

I groaned, and plugged my ears. I've always strongly disliked that song. She started laughing, and continued singing a bit more of the lyrics.

"Really, though," she added a moment later, "it's the part where it goes 'Think it oh-oh-ver.'"

"No!" I protested loudly. "Stop or else it'll get stuck in my head, too!"

She cackled, and then started singing again. I pretended like it was causing me immense physical pain, and we both got a good laugh out of it. There was silence in the car for a few minutes, and then the inevitable happened. I started singing in my head the same song. I smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand and groaned again.

"What?" The Boss asked, concerned.

"You got it stuck in my head, now. Thanks a lot."

She looked at me sheepishly, and apologized.

We eventually got to the restaurant where we were meeting family, and I had done my best to forget about the song, but still it played on in my mind. As we climbed out of the car and got Baby Badass from the backseat, I unconsciously started humming it. 

"Damn song!" I exclaimed when I realized what I was doing. The Boss laughed some more at my misfortune, apparently not being plagued with the song in her head anymore. "Having a song stuck in your head is like contagious brain cancer. That shit just spreads... and fast."

One of these days, I'll pick a really annoying song, repay the favor, and get it stuck in her head. It's only fair, right?

Have a good weekend, everyone.


Employee No. 3699 said...

Why, oh why did I click on that link? I had that song stuck in my head last weekend after hearing it played at a birthday party that was going on outside our terrace.

Damn you Badass...

Lexi said...

I did that to a co-worker once. The "get around-round-round I get around..." song. Which used to be a song for Hoveround. He then played a prank on me and gave my cell phone number and address to Hoveround, to which I still get mail at my house for it. They finally stopped calling me. :-)

christy said...

Awesome. You gotta love outbursts like that. I am pretty sure they are what keep people from growing up too much.

Jen said...

Oooh, hate the earworm! I have one that has lasted several years. No matter how I try to avoid it, it comes back at random moments. Ugh.

Chuck said...

My wife hates when I get a song stuck in my head because it tends to annoy her more than me as I perform the song in front of the dogs.

Jasmine said...

Now that's just mean, you shouldn't force that (the video you posted) song into anyone's head! :)

Sarah said...

Hahaha we're childish & do the exact same thing to each other :)

Badass Geek said...

Employee No. 3699: My apologies.

Lexi: That is BRILLIANT.

Christy: Exactly.

Jen: Sounds awful.

Chuck: Can I request video of that?

Jasmine: I have an evil streak.

Sarah: NICE.

Scribe said...

I had "Pump Up the Jam" replaying on a continuous loop in my head. I tried to pass it on but the other half wasn't having it, but said it's better than the "Good Morning, Good Morning" Viagara song that usually gets stuck in there.

Scribe said...

Damn! I spelled Viagra wrong. It just proves I have yet to have the Viagra experience.

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