Monday, May 16, 2011

In Which I Am Genuinely Puzzled

We made an unexpected trip to the Emergency Room yesterday. The Boss was feeling like she was getting another kidney stone attack, so we figured we'd hit up the ER for some IV fluids and some pain medication until she could see her normal doctor during the week. After being triaged and sent to a room and drugged up, The Boss found that the pain wasn't centered where it normally is for kidney stones.

The doctor came in and poked and prodded, localized the pain, and started talking about her gall bladder. Apparently postpartum women can be prone to issues with the gall bladder, with symptoms ranging from back spasms to sharp pains that radiate throughout the right flank. The Boss has been complaining about back pain ever since we came home from the hospital a little over a month ago now, so that made good sense. With no one available to do an ultrasound, the doctor decided to admit her overnight so they could monitor her pain levels and keep her hydrated.

Oh, and did I mention we were visiting my parents when the back pain started, so the hospital she was admitted to is an hour away from home?

Depending upon what the ultrasound shows, a couple of things could happen. If there aren't any stones, I'm sure they'll cut her loose with an RX for pain medication and we'll be on our way. If there are stones, they'll need to decide if she can pass them on her own (since you can't break up gall stones), or if they'd require surgery to remove. Kind of a wide range of possibilities, if you ask me. 

My parents stepped in to watch Baby Badass while we were at the ER and while I went home to get some overnight things for The Boss. They even watched her overnight so I could get some sleep and be rested for what is sure to be a tumultuous Monday, with the threat of surgery to remove gall stones looming over us.

Needless to say, yesterday was a long and tiring day. I did find something to laugh at, though. While flipping through a dated edition of Newsweek, I came across this:

A cutout of Pee Wee Herman's head taped onto the nose of Brian Brown (of NOM fame). I'm sure this is ripe with comedic possibilities, but I am just stumped. Genuinely puzzled. I've... I've got nothing.

If you can spare a moment today, please send good thoughts had healthy vibes towards The Boss today. We're obviously hoping she doesn't have gall stones that require surgery, but we're going to roll with the punches the best we can.

Happy Monday, folks.


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Good thoughts for the Boss. I was diagnosed with gall stones 3 weeks after my second was born. Apparently it's something to do with rapid weight change. I had my gall bladder out 3 weeks after that because the stones were not passing. It was an easy surgery, outpatient & recovery was quick, like maybe 2 days before I felt my old postpartum, exhausted with a newborn, self.

Melissa said...

i just read the tweet that it is prayers that things go smoothly and swiftly.

tell the boss that not all hospital visits end with a sweet babybadass as a parting gift...LOL

Scribe said...

Positive vibes, Badass! Gall stones are not fun. I had my gall bladder out years ago, though not while I was caring for a one-month old!

Jennifer said...

prayers to you all!

have no idea about the peewee herman thing...

kristina said...

Someone is saying he has a "wee pee"?

Perhaps he was spotted in a movie theatre with Pauly?

He's got a nose for (insert something funny here)?

In any case, hope all goes well for your wife, oh and you too!

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