Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In Which I'd Turn and Leave Quietly

It never fails. You think you know somebody, and then they go and do something so completely off base that forces you to change your opinion of them. Like my drug growing, hoarding neighbors downstairs. This time, instead of judgmental opinions, I have hard evidence to back up my thoughts.

I had to make a trip down to the basement of our building to reset a circuit breaker yesterday. The basement is a creepy place, dirt floor, cobwebs, and plenty of dark corners for things to lurk in. Armed with my flashlight I quickly reset the tripped breaker, and went back upstairs. To get to the stairwell, though, I had to pass the door to the back entrance of my downstairs neighbors apartment. I saw something taped to the door, so I stopped to look. And of course, the one time I leave my camera phone upstairs, I get something like this:

(Artist Rendering)

Don't get me wrong. I dislike being accosted by tie-wearing mobile preachers just as much as the next person. I just thank them for trying, and send them on their way. My downstairs neighbors apparently take a different approach to protecting their atheism or agnosticism. 

Reactions like this to the religion of others is one of the reasons why we have unrest in the middle east.

6 Comments: said...

My guess is that their sign might make the mobile preachers try harder. I also try to be polite, but send them off on their way. My husband on the other hand, will talk to anyone, and ends up talking to any doorknocker forever.

half_life said...

When people are ignorant you can educate them, but signs like this one proves without a doubt, stupid is bone deep. I usually just go to the door in my bathrobe, they leave after it falls open.:)

Chuck said...

So I guess even borrowing a cup of sugar maybe hazardous. We live in interesting times. PS...always carry your camera phone!

kristina said...

My previous other-half was so tired of being woken up early on Saturday mornings by the door-knockers / bell-ringers (he worked late nights), he started putting up a sign on the front that said something like:

"If you are trying to sell me something or want to help me find God, I already have everything and God was never lost, so please F*ck Off."

Note the 'please' in his offensive request - I think it was very effective...

karl said...

it seems like a fake sign made on a computer to me. the door is out of focus and lighted differently than the pamphlet.

Badass Geek said...

MakingMonkeySoup: Yikes.

Half_life: Good one.

Chuck: Ah. Yes.

Kristina: I bet.

Karl: Did you even read the post? It says "Artist Rendering."

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