Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Which I Can't Decide

Have you ever seen someone, and at first glance not been able to know if it was a man or a woman? This happens often enough around here, for some reason. I guess Central Maine is an attractive area to live for those of ambiguous gender. That must be the reason why this was stuck to the top of the pizza box when we ordered delivery last week:

Take a closer look at the person holding the phone:

Is that a man or a woman? The hairstyle would indicate a man, or a woman with a 90's bowl hair cut. The face is just neutral enough where it could be a slightly effeminate male, or a homely female. The denim, long sleeved button down shirt doesn't help tip the scales in any direction, either. About the only thing that really helps distinguish are the fingernails and the shoes.

As for me, though, I see the human form of a werewolf. The claws, the shaggy hair... all he/she needs is some fast-growing fur, and presto. Teenwolf. 

Kind of makes me scared to see what kind of delivery person is going to stop by the next time I order. Halloween is just around the corner, after all.


Paolo La'O said...

It's a ladyman...or, as google puts it:

Gender: Other

Little Ms Blogger said...

That is very creepy. I have to admit, I didn't notice the claws or shaggy hair, but now I do.

Thanks. Thanks a boat load for putting that image in my head.

I've been MIA for awhile and am just seeing the book. Where the hell have I been? Been following you for years, knew you loved writing, but didn't know you got published. Kudos and Congrats!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Now I want pizza.

kristina said...

S/he sort of has boobs, doesn't s/he?

Poke The Rock said...

now they just need one universal skin colour!

Writer Ninja said...

Those eyes...
After you stare at them for awhile you kind of feel like s/he is going to...

*stops staring*

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