Friday, October 28, 2011

In Which I Make Some Suggestions

I'm not a big user of Facebook. I have two profiles, one for my blog and one for me individually. I have my Twitter feed synced to my blog Facebook, as well as my RSS feed. Other than that, I pretty much forget that I've got an account. For my personal account, I update maybe once or twice a day if I can find something witty or clever to say. Staying on top of the News Feed is a lot of work, to the point where it just might be impossible.

That being said, there are some things that I just cannot stand about Facebook. I've been compiling a list of the things that annoy me the most, and while the Internet is not short of lists from people griping about stuff, I figured I'd share mine. There might be ways to fix these gripes already, but this is the Internet. I can offer my two cents as I see fit.

How I'd Improve Facebook (In Five Simple Steps)
  1. FRIEND SUGGESTIONS - If I haven't added the same rotating crop of "People I May Know" over the four years you've been suggesting them to me, take a hint and stop suggesting it.
  2. "LIKE" BUTTONS - If there is going to be a "Like" button, there should also be buttons for when you'd like to say "You're An Idiot" or "Use Spellcheck Next Time" or "Your Update Makes You Seem Ignorant and We're No Longer Friends." Additionally, a "Not Helpful" button would be nice for those who leave disparaging comments. 
  3. OLD FRIEND PURGE - If there has been no contact whatsoever between me and any person on my Friend List in over a year, either hide their updates or separate their updates into an "Old Friends" feed to help streamline the main News Feed with people I have recent contact with.
  4. NEWS FEED FILTER - Include the ability to filter updates in the News Feed to ignore posts that include the words "OMG," "LOL," "I'm so drunk," or any combination of the three. Also ignore posts with only song lyrics. And cute animal pictures.
  5. COMMENT VALIDITY VERIFICATION / RELEVANCY MODERATOR - Prompt those leaving comments on an update to make sure they fully read the post they are commenting on to make sure their comment is valid. And then ask them again if they are sure their comment is relevant. Additionally, block comments on updates older than two weeks. Who remembers stuff that far back?
My suggestions might not be ground breaking stuff, but for me, these changes would maybe make Facebook seem more appealing. Maybe. 

What would you change?

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Marty said...

A max re-posting limit, where the same stupid link/picture/quote can only be re-posted by various friends a reasonable number of times before the feed blocks you from seeing any more.

Chuck said...

Agreed on all points. Could be why I only visit my Facebook account a couple times a month.

Brilliant Sulk said...

I have a hate-hate relationship with Facebook but most of my friends seem to think it's the only way to communicate. What happened to email? Or smoke signals?

Also - people need to stop posting photos of their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Badass Geek said...

Marty: That's a good one!

Chuch: Wise, my friend.

Brilliant Sulk: YES. Food pictures are annoying.

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