Monday, October 17, 2011

In Which I Think I'm Being Followed

The Boss and I have been living together for six years. We've lived in nine different places in those six years, and I've talked a lot here about that. One thing that I haven't mentioned before is that through all of the places we've lived, we've been followed. By a ghost. To some, hearing that someone thinks they are being followed by a ghost is probably hard to accept. A lot of people don't believe in ghosts, and to be honest, until The Boss and I got our first apartment together, I didn't. I mean, sure, ghost stories are great, but it took experiencing something first hand to make a believer out of me. Our first apartment had a ghost, and that ghost has been following us ever since.

Our first summer in our apartment was a scorcher. The air conditioner we had only fit in the windows in the living room, so The Boss and I moved our bedroom into the living room for a few months so we could sleep. The living room had a ceiling fan with a light on it, but we never used it. The fan squeaked and the light was too harsh, so we were both startled one night when the pull cord started swinging back and forth.

The AC was off because The Boss was getting a chill. The windows were closed, no other fans were running, and the house was still. I paused the DVD we had playing, and The Boss and I looked at each other. We both then looked up at the pull cord, and it was swinging rapidly back and forth, hitting the globe around the light. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. After a few seconds, it stopped.

This seriously creeped The Boss out, and I was bothered by it, too. Whatever it was that was making the pull cord swing was attentive, though. It happened with some frequency right up until we moved out. On one particularly active night, after listening to the cord ping against the glass globe for the better part of a half hour, I looked up at the ceiling and yelled, "Will you please stop?"

It stopped.

In just about every other place we've lived, this playful little ghost has followed us. We are used to having lights turn on or off, doors closing, or even having the pull cords on other light fixtures start swinging side to side. Our current apartment is no different. It happened briefly just after we moved in this summer, and it happened in Baby Badass' room last week. 

The Boss and I are used to it now. This ghost is apparently friendly, and just likes to let us know every now and then that it's still here. Baby Badass doesn't seem to be bothered by it (except for that one time that The Boss managed to get on picture, that I shared in my post last week). As long as the creepiness factor doesn't get any higher, I'm okay with it. I also wouldn't be heartbroken if it finally stopped.

Does anyone else have similar stories?

Happy Monday, everyone.


ND said...

Two stories -- same house. I have chimes that hang in a corner of my living room that gets absolutely no air flow -- but every once in a while they'll chime loudly ... until I acknowledge whoever/whatever is ringing them. So I say hi and go about my business.

Shortly after my aunt passed away and ever since then, I'll occasionally hear a very loud, very human sneeze when I'm the only one in the house. She was allergic to cats and I have two, so I just sigh and tell her that as a ghost, she doesn't have sinuses and therefore has no excuse to sneeze.

My boyfriend hasn't heard the sneeze, so he just thinks I'm insane when I try to explain.

Paolo La'O said...

My dad's uncle use to own a haunted house in the Philippines...haunted by WW2 Japanese soldiers.

People used to get stalked, have dead batteries thrown at them,seeing things and grabbed so much that his uncle drew a map of where people would get into "trouble" with the ghosts. there was even one that haunted the second floor windows, patroling the perimiter and looking at you every now and then, and one that makes even the toughest men cry, though it can only be seen by 1 out of 9 people...

Marni said...

I am ALL OVER that... wish we were closer so I could investigate. :)

Denny P 3 said...

In a condo I once lived in with a woman I'm no longer with, we would both randomly find little figurines that maybe a little boy would play with sitting out in prominent places. Not tucked away in a corner or anything, but right where we could find them. The thing is, at the time neither of us had any connection to a little boy. We had no kids, no cousins, no little brothers, no nephews, no friends with a boy. Nothing. These things just kept popping up around our house. I finally asked the complex who owned the place about past tenants and was told that the family that lived there before us, had a son who died when he was 6. Freaked me right the hell out!

Anonymous said...

Our house has been haunted off and on by a number of people. One time I was tucking in our baby upstairs and wondered why my husband was standing at the bottom of the stairs while I was singing baby to sleep. He said he didn't but I clearly saw a man standing there. They also followed us back and forth moving our stuff in. Funny thing is my hubby and I didn't saw the ghosts for years before we admitted it to each other. They are gone now and I kinda miss them.

Badass Geek said...

ND: The sneeze would creep me out.

Paolo La'O: That sounds awful.

Marni: Next time you're in the Northeast, let me know.

Denny P 3: I probably would have moved out that same day.

Anonymous: I can understand that.

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