Monday, November 7, 2011

In Which I Can't Bring Myself To Do It

If you see time remaining on a microwave leftover from whoever used it previously, do you clear it and set your own time, or do you use whatever is left?

I bet you clear it and set your own time. To do anything else would be crazy.

I don't know why, but the thought of using someone's leftover microwave time just seems wrong. It'd be like using their dishes, or drinking from the same glass, or using the same bathwater. Even though we're all heating up our Ramen noodles or leftover pizza or whatever in the same microwave, it would be sacrilegious to use the 37 seconds left on the timer from the previous person. 

Additionally, I'm pretty sure that any combination of these things would happen if you used leftover microwave time:
  • It could summon the robot apocalypse,
  • If someone saw you using leftover microwave time, you could lose friends on Facebook,
  • You could become afflicted with Scope-resistant halitosis,
  • Using previously stalled time could cause a tear in the time/space continuum, turning the entire world into Jurassic Park,
  • It could heat your food the same way it would if it was using your own set time.
Doesn't seem like a wise risk to take, if you ask me.

Happy Monday, folks.

P.S. Raise your hand if you clear out the unused time on a microwave, even if you are just walking by it and see it remaining on the screen. There's no shame in it. It's only slightly OCD.


Paolo La'O said...

We do that in school En Masse, during the lunch rush. 5 lunches at a time in and out for half an hour, using from 3 minuites to 10...

Steph said...

I clear out my own unused time if I have any. I'm actually more likely to let my food burn than take it out early because I can't stand the odd numbers. If I can time it so I take it out at exactly 1:00 or :30, a nice even number, then I'll stop the microwave early.

Nej said...

I always clear it when I'm getting ready to use it. And I may or may not clear it if just walking by.


OK, ok...I do that too!!! :-)

Kirby said...

I clear the time when walking by now - I read a few weeks ago somewhere that it takes significantly more power for the microwave to flash a number than if it is in its rest/time display mode.

Chuck said...

This is a relevant topic...everyday I have to make this decision at work. The simple fact for me is laziness...rarely is the left-over time the amount I need. So either I have to use the time and then restart with some additional amount of time (doing math plus additional bodily movement = too much work). Or I use the left-over time that is longer than I need therefore causing me to have to monitor what should be an automatic function (there is a ding when the microwave is done normaly) again, taking up precious waste-able time. Therefore I always reset, hit Start, and forget about it til the ding. Most efficient.

BTW, if number 1 or number 4 or your list could happen...I would be inclined to go for it!

Badass Geek said...

Paolo La'O: Sounds busy.

Steph: Hey, me, too!

Nej: You're in good company.

Kirby: Good point.

Chuck: Me, too!

kristina said...

Depends. Is it enough time for what I need? What setting was it on - reheat, defrost, potato, popcorn? If I don't have the facts I wouldn't use it. If it's the microwave at work, I couldn't care less what it says in the display, so I wouldn't bother reseting it when walking by.

My OCD goes another route - I hate the beeping of the microwave, so if I set it for a specific amount of time, I have to have it set 1 second longer than I want it to go, just so I can stop it once it hits the last second. I want 30 seconds of heating? I must set it to 31 seconds, stop it at 1 second and then immediately press the reset button.

If I am at home and there is count-down time on the display, I reset it because I want to see the actual time...

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