Friday, November 4, 2011

In Which I Confess

Yes. I have a fish couch.

When I posted that picture of my daughter on Wednesday, it didn't even cross my mind that the couch she was sitting on was going to be what caught everyone's eye. Perhaps I'm a bit biased, but Cute Baby In Cow Costume > Ugly Couch in my book. Before you think that The Boss and I bought this couch, allow me to explain:

We got the couch from my parents. 

They bought it secondhand originally, and gave it to us when they upgraded a few years ago. My mother made slip covers with the fish-paraphernalia fabric to cover the cushions to match the decor of their house. Believe me, it doesn't look nearly so questionable when it's in a room with wood paneling and other rustic, outdoors-type decorations. The original fabric on the cushions had this pattern of light blue squares with specks of red that reminds me of those 3D Magic Eye images that were popular ages ago. You know, the ones where you'd cross your eyes and an image appears


Try watching TV when you're sitting on a couch that keeps trying to shift into the likeness of a unicorn or some tropical oasis. When we got the couch we tried taking the fish slip covers off, but the underlying pattern was just unbearable. It was difficult to even hold a simple conversation over the volume of the couch cushions, so back on went the slip covers.

Replacing the couch isn't within our financial means, but we've had the couch for so long that we don't even notice it anymore. Someday we'll get something new, but until then, we'll spend our time with a fish covered couch.

There are worse things in life, right?

Have a good weekend, everyone. 


Natalie said...

I am further stunned that the fish part are covers.

Google "chick fil ads" and you'll understand the reference. It's sad that you don't have the amazing-ness that is Chick Fil A. said...

Agreed, Cow baby > Fish Couch. :)

kristina said...

I didn't read too much into the couch fabric - I just thought you were a Cabella's fan.

Also agree that cuteness of baby cow > fish-fabric covered couch.

Adorabibble said...

I liked the fish décor.

Marcis Gasuns said...

What a deep thoughts. And you are right, there are much worse things.

Badass Geek said...

Natalie: That's what I've heard.

MakingMonkeySoup: I'm glad we agree.

Kristina: I'm more of an L.L. Bean guy.

Adorabibble: I don't mind it much.

Marcis Gasuns: Absolutely.

Clair said...

I tell you this in the hope that it makes you feel better. My husband and I have been married for 16 years. We have lived in three different states. We bought our house 10 years ago. My mother loved to give us old furniture cause that meant she got new stuff. When we married 16 ago, she gave us a sofa, loveseat and matching chair. All white. We weren't allowed to sit on them when I lived at home. Well three kids later I'm sure you can imagine what the white couches looked like. We have gone through various sets of slipcovers, all of them drove me crazy the moment someone sat down. Every single year, we have had money earmarked for new furniture and something happened: medical emergency, car broke down etc. Finally this year, we had the money for the furniture again. I was terrified to go by any cause I was sure something would break down the moment the money was spent. Finally after 16 years of marriage we got new living room furniture.

Now I have to fight the urge to tell kids to get off it!!

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