Friday, December 9, 2011

In Which I Define (Again)

After my last post (which I thought to be a bit clever), I had no intention of doing another post immediately following in which I'd define something else. And then I saw this outside the main entrance of the building where I work, and couldn't pass it up.

EXISTENTIALISM (noun): 1. a philosophy that places emphasis on individual existence, freedom, and choice, stressing the individuality of existence.

While I freely admit that this humble trashcan is welcome to its own opinion, this takes the pondering of one's own existence a bit too far. After all, I cannot state that I am not human and have it be accepted as such. You cannot dispute what you are, but only what your purpose may be. Thus, this trashcan, designated to hold a delicate sand/rock-salt mixture for the icy entrance area to the building, cannot claim to be anything else other than a trashcan. The only thing that is fluid is what it can be used for.

I'm guessing that the groundskeeper for my office was frustrated with pulling trash out of his over-sized sand bucket, and that his anger kept him from putting much thought into this message. Little did he know that it would spark a philosophical conversation that I would put way too much thought and effort into.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


Charcoal Renderings said...

Reasons why I love you. Just sayin'.

#1Nana said...

...and I am not fat!

Chuck said...

Lock the lid...problem solved! Then it can go back to being what it is with out fear. said...

I had a generic rubbermaid tub in my lobby filled with ice melt. I needed this sign, as I had someone dump a large drink into it, and it "melted" all the ice melt.

A gigantic mess.

Badass Geek said...

Charcoal Renderings: Thank you!

#1Nana: Here's your sign.

Chuck: The best answer is often the easiest.

MakingMonkeySoup: Sounds awful.

Jennifer said...

Loved this.

kevin21 said...

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