Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Which I Tie In

I was going to recycle this post at some point this month, but what better time is there to post this than after what I put up on Monday? Enjoy.


For some, this is the season in which
we should all be jolly,
and deck all of our halls with
obligatory boughs of holly.

For others it is the time
to simply drive around
and see the decorations
others have strung up over town.

Some displays are tasteful,
with twinkling lights serene.
Others have gone overboard,
creating a yuletide murder scene.

There's a poor inflatable Rudolph,
he's bleeding air over by the stairs,
and all of the other reindeer look
like they might have been attacked by bears.

Electric candy canes light up
a short makeshift runway,
but with no one on the ground to land it,
there's not much left of the sleigh.

There's a melted plastic Santa Claus
who looks like he's high on weed.
Across the lawn there is a manger that,
for repair, there is a great need.

The Nativity looks like a porno set,
with Mary and Joseph doing things obscene
while the three Wise Men look on, greedy-eyed.
They'll need more than holy water to get clean.

And underneath it all,
if you look at it really up close,
you'll see remnants of last Halloween
complete with witches, spiderwebs, and ghosts.

As for me, I stick to the basics:
a few simple stockings and a tree.
But when Christmas is done, I'll be the one
burning it in my backyard with glee.


To each his or her own, and to all a good night.

(Originally posted here.)


Eva Gallant said...

A poem appropriate to the season. Very clever.

Chuck said...

Very nice.

Badass Geek said...

Eva Gallant: Thanks!

Chuck: Thank you, sir.

Alexander Peters said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. The rhythm is perfect. The words are beautiful. Great poem! It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing. I wish I could think of better ideas to write in my psychology essay.

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