Monday, December 5, 2011

In Which It'd Be a Tough Choice

While watching TV the other night, a commercial for Netflix came on. It touted the amazing ability to watch thousands of movies and TV shows online through your computer, smartphone, or gaming device. They made a big to-do about their $8.00-a-month cost, about how affordable it is, and generally carried on about their awesomeness. 

Right after the Netflix commercial ended, a commercial for the World Wildlife Federation came on. They showed stock clips of endangered tigers to a somber soundtrack, and beseeched the viewers for help in protecting their dwindling numbers. More stock footage of poachers was shown, and then we were shown the innocent face of a mother tiger and her cubs. Just when you're at your most vulnerable, they ask for a monthly donation. How much, you ask? $8.00.

As a consumer having watched both of these commercials, I was faced with a dilemma. Do I fork over eight bucks a month to watch movies and TV shows whenever I want, wherever I want? Or do I send out those same eight dollars each month be able to rest easy, knowing I'm helping to keep an endangered species safe from poachers? 

Netflix or tigers? Mindless entertainment or warm fuzzies?

It's a quandary.

Happy Monday, folks.


Ed said...

As a Netflix subscriber, I say go for the tigers. Unlimited shows in Netflix's vocabulary means unlimited grade C stuff that you would never watch anyway. The stuff that you want to watch is very limited.

Eva Gallant said...

I'm with Ed...go for the tigers. Netflix is a waste!

Samantha said...

What if you could combine them and pay eight dollars a month to get endangered animals sent to your house?

kristina said...

Tigers all the way!

You can download a lot of stuff to watch for free...

Badass Geek said...

Ed: Yeah, I've already got Netflix. You're right about the actual watchable stuff.

Eva Gallant: It sure can seem like it.

Samantha: BRILLIANT.

Kristina: But that's.... illegal!

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