Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In Which I Think We Have Visitors

Hoarders, drug growers, and ghosts. Oh, my.

I've talked about how weird my apartment can be before. From suspecting my neighbors are hoarders or housing a grow operation, to feeling like there are ghosts in my apartment freaking my daughter out, I didn't think things could get any stranger. Then I saw this:

Footsteps leading to and from the garage attached to my house. The garage that is supposed to be locked, to which only my landlord has a key. The footsteps appeared to be fresh, as the snow had stopped falling only an hour or so before, and my landlord (who lives about 45 minutes away) had not been by in days. I saw them when I went outside to start my car and get it cleaned off.

My neighbor on the first floor (the alleged hoarder/drug kingpin) stopped me on my way upstairs maybe a few days before to ask me if I had seen anyone lurking around her private entrance near the garage. She apparently had gotten up in the middle of the night and heard something like footsteps out on the porch and on the interior hallway that leads either to her unit or the garage.

With that bug in my ear, seeing the footprints in the fresh snow made me wonder: Is there someone living in the garage? 

Maybe my neighbor has a key and used it to get a shovel and sand for the slippery driveway. Maybe my landlord stopped in quickly and didn't check in with us like he normally does. Or maybe some housing deficient individual found a way into the garage and is capitalizing on it. 

All I know is that if I see footprints again, I'll definitely be investigating. The last thing I need is a squatter in my building.


The Good Cook said...

Now that's scary.

Eva Gallant said...

How freaky is that? Hope there's a plausible explanation that doesn't involve zombies. I just published my first book on Kindle; I just mentioned it because I see your book is available on Kindle!

Marty said...

creepy shit

#1Nana said...

We were robbed over Thanksgiving. Spouse never locks his shop. He lost some expensive toys. I think it was a crime of opportunity. Perhaps someone was looking for an opportunity in your neighborhood? Be careful! said...

Scary. Maybe they were peaking in the windows to see if they could see any good stuff?

Chuck said...

Dude, WHERE do you live?? This looks scary even with the comforting blanket of snow.

Badass Geek said...

The Good Cook: Right?

Eva Gallant: Zombies would definitely make things interesting.

Marty: Agreed.

#1Nana: Sorry to hear! That's a hard lesson learned.

MakingMonkeySoup: Maybe. There's nothing in there but wood scraps and cobwebs.

Chuck: Doesn't exactly make you want to come over, does it?

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