Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In Which It's a Bit Too Specific

If you've spent a fair amount of time on the internet, odds are you've heard of the website Oddly Specific. It showcases pictures that people around the US and beyond who have seen signs posted with, as you would probably guess, oddly specific and often contradictory warnings or statements. It's good for a laugh, if you are in need of killing some time (after you're done reading my blog, of course). 

I found my own oddly specific item recently, when I was getting some lunch at the food court last week. While waiting for my order to be ready, I spied this on the front counter:

These straws are so straight, they had to say it twice. Absolutely hetero. You needn't worry about selecting a bi-curious straw, or a gay/lesbian straw. These are 100% straight. 

For the record, I did not see a box for the LGBT straw community. Maybe they were in the storage closet.


Professor Splithead said...

You are hilarious! Love it! I shall even break out a dusty LOL. (I seldom use these).

Serendipituous said...

Thanks for the laugh :)

Badass Geek said...

Professor Splithead: Thank you kindly.

Serendipituous: You are very welcome. =)

Eva Gallant said...

Craziness! very clever!

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