Friday, February 3, 2012

In Which I Slow Things Down

After much thought and deliberation, I'm going to introduce a pretty major change here at The Badass Geek. This isn't a decision I've made lightly at all, and to be honest, I'm not sure that I've arrived at the right decision at all. All I know is that I've reached a point where something needs to change, and it's time to get off the fence.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm going to be cutting back on how frequently I post here on my blog. The quality of my posts have been lacking, and I feel like I've strayed from the style of posts that made this blog what it was in my attempts to keep up with posting three times a week. I've been feeling a bit burned out as result, and I'm hoping that putting the emphasis on quality instead of quantity will help with that.

Setting aside time to write three posts a week has also become a challenge. My work schedule doesn't allow for much time to spend with my daughter, and she, above anything else, is priority one. Combine that rushed feeling with not being confident in what I'm putting out there, and whatever inspiration or motivation I may have had goes right out the window.

Furthermore, I'm going to devote more of my writing energy to the projects I have going on for various short stories or novels. I've got so much time invested in these bits and pieces I've got laying around, and it frustrates me to see them go untouched. I owe it to myself to make progress on these projects and make something out of them.

I'm not going to stop posting altogether. I don't want to stop altogether. I'm just going to slow down a bit, put more focus on the quality of the content I put up for you all to read and on my writing projects. I intend to share the things I produce through my other writing endeavors, as I always appreciate the feedback I receive.

This isn't a "goodbye," it's simply a "talk with you later."

Have a good weekend, everyone. See you soon.


Marni said...

I'll be waiting... hugs to you all

Rhonda said...

I will miss your posts! But really, enjoy your daughter while she is little...they grow up so quickly. The blogging world will still be here.

Eva Gallant said...

Looking forward to your next post!

Jennifer said...

I think this is the best decision for you. Keep your priorities in order. The blogosphere loves you, but we all have lives calling to us that need us more.

The Twisted Tine said... workin' on a novel?

I'd dig reading something from you. Just sayin'.

Moonspun said...

Finding balance in life, especially as a parent, is always a challenge. Spending as much time with your daughter and wife should be most important. And you are an amazing writer, I know you have posted some things on here that I have wondered about the endings! Take good care of yourself. When you post, we will read.

cindy said...
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Poll Nike said...
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