Friday, April 20, 2012

In Which It's Been a Month

When I wrote about slowing things down here on the ol' blog, I didn't intend on going a month without writing something. A week or so, sure, but a month? Well, that month went by in a blink of an eye, and here we are. I haven't written for any lack of things to talk about. The day to day routine of life with a (one-year-old!) baby makes time blaze right by. That's my biggest and best excuse I can come up with, and I think it works pretty well.

The Boss and I have been introducing a little TV into Baby Badass' daily routine. There are a few shows that she really gets a kick out of, and somehow knows that she's missing them if she's not watching them when they are on. Our DVR is now full of children's programming, whereas before it held all of our gritty crime dramas and The Walking Dead episodes. We have watched a fair amount of TV created for budding young minds recently, and I've learned a thing or two.

Before you get to thinking that I learned something fundamental from Caillou, here's what I've learned:

Children's TV is really, really annoying.

Given all of the allowances to the fact that the shows are designed for a demographic much younger than I am, I can honestly say that the four-year-old me would feel the same way. The animation is poor, the voice acting is way overdone (and many of the characters sound like they have severe nasal congestion), and the morals or lessons you're supposed to pick up from these shows are heavily veiled, if there are any lessons to be learned at all. 

I'm not saying the Wachowski brothers should produce a kid's show. I'm just of the mindset that if these shows are for our kids, why not make sure that every minute of programming has something that they can learn from? The Boss and I don't use TV as a learning tool now, nor do we ever intend to. It'd be nice, though, to have a few shows out there that offer something of value to the young mind. But that's just me.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


Jen said...

This is why PBSKids is a staple in my household.

Chuck said...

Since kids always watch so much TV I agree with you...get the stupid and annoying outta there and replace it with some interactive learning...or at least Star Wars!

RAY J said...

We stick solely to PBS Kids and their 24 hour channel Sprout for our children's programming, but omg, I'm soooooo tired of Calliou! Make that bald kid go away! They play waaaay too much Calliou on Sprout and Jay's not even that interested in him - he LOVES Thomas and Friends (the Engine Rollcall song is his jam, yo! lol...), The Wiggles, Driver Dan, Sesame Street (but only if Elmo, Grover, or Cookie Monster are on screen... and sometimes Oscar), and Super Why. And of course he tunes in whenever the Sprout characters Chica or Nina and Star are on too. He'll sometimes glance at whatever else is on, but those are his favorites. I noticed him paying attention to the TV when I had it on when he was only a few months old, so I figure that if it's going to be on, might as well make sure it's something somewhat educational...

I also read a study that was done with preschoolers and the effect of TV vs no TV on them. They did 3 groups - 1 watched 30 minutes of Spongebob, another 30 minutes of PBS programming and the other was 30 minutes with no TV. When it came time to calm down there was little difference between the PBS group and the no TV group, however the Spongebob group was completely hyper... something having to do with how many images per second that flashed on screen and they said Spongebob is one of the worst kid show culprits of that, lol... not surprising!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I think the cartoons I had growing up were pretty awesome (I'm 27). The cartoons nowadays suck except for Spongebob.

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Cherie said...

As a child, I always preferred shows that featured some kind of learning element. Luckily, when I was a kid, most shows were at least somewhat stimulating to my young mind. The shows on these days don't do a whole lot of that.

(God, I make myself sound ancient. I'm only 22, but things HAVE changed)

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Charcoal Renderings said...

This is the part where you track down all of the awesome 90s shows to show Baby Badass in a few years. Such as "Salute Your Shorts" and "Legends of the Hidden Temple" and "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" and "Boy Meets World" and "All That" and "Kennan and Kel" and "Pete and Pete" and "Doug." Maybe even through in some "Avatar: The Last Airbender," just because it's seriously so legit. Old school Nickelodeon was the jam, man.

Charcoal Renderings said...

***throw, not through. Blasted typos.

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alntv said...

Dude...I haven't had control of the remote for going on 9 years now. Best advice I can offer? Get an IPad and stock up on movies or get Hulu 'cause the kiddos will NOT give it up!!!

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